Somewhere Least Expected Part 2: Thing Are Not What They Should Be

Somewhere Least Expected Part 2: Thing Are Not What They Should Be

Part Two: Things Are Not What They Should Be

In part one of this series, I explained the strange accounts that were taking place in the building I was renting above my work place. Some of the things that were mentioned were loud banging being heard from the bottom floor to door knobs being turned.

It got to be so much that I had to leave the house for a little bit to clear my mind of what was going on.

Returning back to the house, everything was quite. That night was a comfortable night. It was strange. It was as if the spirits took a little vacation of their own. For a few months everything remained this way.

It was rather nice to be honest. A friend of mine got in contact with me in regards of needing a place to stay. After a few hours on the phone, we came to an agreement and allowed her to stay.

A week past, and I had not noticed anything that was going on. At dinner, we got to talking and she asked me if I ever hear any strange noises in the building? I told her some creaks here and there but nothing too crazy, (lying to her because I didn’t want to freak her out and at the same time to make sure she wasn’t using what I said to influence her story.)

She began to tell me that a few nights in a row, she heard the sounds of someone walking, however when she got up, thinking it was me, no one was there. I told her maybe it was the heater, at this time the weather was growing colder. 

A few nights later, I was awoken from my sleep by screaming. I don’t know what to do, everything was just so real. She came running into my room and slammed the door and fell to the foot of my bed and started crying.

I got up to comfort her asking what happened. She said she was in the kitchen preparing a midnight snack and saw a black apparition. She said she freaked out and ran to my room. I thought to myself this is starting to get crazy.

We went to the local twenty-four seven gas station to get something to drink and I told her about things that had been happening there before she was there. At first she was rather upset that I had never told her anything about my experiences; however, she understood why I never told her. She was a hot mess and didn’t want to go back to the house. I calmed her down and told her that I am there and nothing will happen.

The next night she felt as if someone was staring at her while she slept. Again, she came to my room really freaked out. We started telling stories of the past to try to relax.

After sometime we were not even thinking about what had happened only an hour or so ago. However, things began to get strange again. While sitting there, the air in the room started to get very cold.

It got so cold that we could see our breath. We both walked out to the living room. Once I opened the door you could feel the warmth coming from the heater.

It was one of the strangest things I had ever felt. We ended up playing guitar hero for the rest of the night.

Things seemed to level off. We went a couple days with nothing really happening. She started sleeping on the couch and claimed that whatever was going on was in the room she was staying in.

Really not sure, though I agreed with her. Later in the week, at work, we had a project come up that required us to stay later. A co-worker and I left to go get something to drink.

When we returned the co-worker that stayed was outside smoking and seemed very uncomfortable. We asked him what was going on. He said that he didn’t realize we had left as soon as we did and he started seeing shadows. At first he thought it was us, however, when going to where the shadows were no one was found. He thought we were messing with him.

He said he came outside to see if we were out there and saw the car was gone. He said he would not go back in until we got back.

I asked him where he was seeing the shadows and he said it was primarily by where the refrigerator was but he had seen them pretty much all over the office.

We all sat down talking about this and I enlighten them with what I had been experiencing. They could not believe it. They asked why I never said anything.

I told them I did once and the manager thought I was crazy and didn’t want anyone else thinking that I was crazy. They could not believe I was still in this building after experiencing everything that I had claimed to experience.

Deep down, I was very intrigued by all of this.

I was always skeptical until this point in my life, however, after experiencing all of these strange events I can firmly say I am now a believer. 

The friend that was staying with me ended up moving out to start her life somewhere else that had a promising future. After she left I never experienced anything again.

I would always ask her if she experienced anything after she moved however she said she didn’t. I found it all just to be very weird. I had tried to capture what was going on however nothing ever showed up.

I ended up moving out of the place, due to the company expanding, to another location. Since then I have never experience anything like what I experienced there.



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