In the last month, we have had a few harassing situations arise, I was walking my son to his bedroom to tuck him in and a shadow went behind his door, this shadow was sleek and dark but didn't make us nervous, especially my son who is 9. A few nights later, our family cat strolled in to have a bite to eat and as the cat approached his dish, the water exploded all over him, the cat hissed and ran out of house like a bat out of hell.

The kitchen grew cold and goose-bumps covered my husband. A few nights later my sister and family came for a visit, during the wee hours of the morning, she had gotten up to warm a bottle for her daughter and she quickly used the washroom with the door open.

As she was using the facility she heard steps coming down the hallway and loud breathing, she felt like someone was coming towards the bathroom and out of breath, she stood up and no one was there.

The next evening, I was getting my boys into bed and I was kissing my son good night and I felt a hand grab the right side of my neck, my son said he saw the shadow hand on my neck as I panicked and continually swatted at my neck.

As the night passed, we have vocally asked this spirit to leave, as days and nights pass we spoke about our feelings and asked the spirit to remove its self from our home. A few more days passed and the same experience in the washroom happened to myself. Middle of the night.

Last night my husband was away and my sister was babysitting my children while I'm at work, my sister texts me and says the water had exploded and shot up again to the family cat.

As they sat at our kitchen table the back door started to shake as if someone was trying to get in the door, the handle and door were moving, she and children experienced this and instantly the looked out the window looking for someone.

No one there, my children now won't sleep in their beds or even use the washroom by themselves during the night hours, so frustrating, what can we do more to send this harassing soul home?



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