Strange Occurances for Years

Strange Occurances for Years

Hi everyone. I'm new to the site. There's a ton of history that I'll share, and then I have questions at the end. If you're patient enough to read through it all, that's be greatly appreciated. 

Strange things have happened to/around me ever since I was very young. I don't remember a lot of my childhood. I have epilepsy and lupus and spent a majority of it on different medications.

My mom has told me that when I was very little, maybe 5 or so, they were doing renovations in the living room that required putting a hole in one of the walls.

My mom found me standing in front of it one night, just staring. When she asked me what I was doing, I told her there were voices in the wall.

My mom is Catholic and doesn't believe in the paranormal at all, but it must have spooked her because she had my dad close the hole up that night and didn't tell me about this until years later. I don't remember this at all. 

Little things would happen around the house. I'd hear strange noises, feel something touch me when no one was around. But nothing outright terrifying or very concrete. 

Once I moved to Pennsylvania and moved in with a friend of mine after high school, the activity began to pick up a bit. The previous owner had died in the house on the third floor, and you could often hear someone walking around when there was no one up there.

When my friend and his family went on vacation for a week and I was left alone, I stayed in my friend's room on the third floor. I had his two cats with me, relaxing in the afternoon. His bedroom door was open.

After a while, the two cats perked up and became very agitated. I couldn't understand why, and then his bedroom door slammed shut. Both cats freaked out, as did I. I tore the door open and we ran downstairs. I spent the rest of the week on the couch on the first floor. 

Later that week, while staying on the second floor, I heard my friend call my name. I started to head downstairs until I remembered he wasn't home. 

Often times, people would see someone walking downstairs out of the corner of their eye, only to realize there was no one there. The cats would play with invisible playmates, and it really scared my friend's mom. Once again, nothing outright awful happened, though. 

From there, I moved in with my ex-fiance in Virginia. The previous owner, an older woman, had passed away there. I never felt anything malevolent, but things would disappear sometimes. My ex-fiance would get angry, but I told him that maybe if he asked the old woman politely, his things would turn up.

Low and behold, they did, usually in the middle of the bed or kitchen table the next day. Sometimes we'd hear knocking or footsteps, but that was the most of it. 

The most intense, and frightening, activity occurred in my husband's apartment, also located in Virginia. It started off with a feeling of being watched. Then, one night, a few hours after putting my step-kids (a young boy and girl) to bed, we looked up to see what I had thought was my step-son peeking in.

We got up to go check on him, and found him sound asleep in his bed. Strange and unsettling, but maybe he was sleep-walking. A few nights later, around the same time, my step-son came walking into our room, bleary-eyed.

He asked why my husband had been watching him. We were both startled, but lied and said we were just checking on him, and then tucked him back into bed. We didn't want to scare him. 

I checked online, but couldn't find anything about deaths in the apartment complex. My husband suggested that it could be because the area used to be a battleground, and it could just be the land itself. 

I moved back to Pennsylvania briefly when he deployed (he's in the Air Force), and the apartment we moved into after he came back was the most frightening. It was another apartment in the same complex.

Once again, the feeling of being watched and unsettled returned. The kids shared a room this time, and both never got any decent rest. My step-son looked like a zombie in the morning, but could never say why. 

The kids ended up moving to New Mexico with their mother, and there was something about their bedroom that made me feel really uncomfortable. I kept the door to it shut most of the time. My cat would sit in front of it and yowl for most of the night. 

That's another thing. My cat was always very agitated. She'd chase things we couldn't see. She'd yowl and hiss, fur raised, side-stepping things we, once again, couldn't see. 

I'd hear footsteps in the apartment when I was the only one home. One night, after coming back from a trip to visit my family in PA, I was alone in the apartment. I had only been in the apartment for five minutes and had just sat down on the couch when I heard a loud POP/BANG in the kitchen.

I ran in to find a cork on the floor. There was a bottle of wine on top of the fridge we'd been saving. I don't know if it was a 'welcome home' from whatever was in our apartment, but it scared my husband when I told him about it. 

Unfortunately for me, my husband works nights. Meaning I have to deal with the bulk of everything alone. The scariest moment for me happened around 2am one night. I was watching TV with the cat when she suddenly sat up, very agitated. S

he looked to the kids bedroom door and a moment later the whole door started jerking, like something was inside, trying to get out. 

I freaked out and called my husband, begging him to come home. Of course he couldn't, but I got no sleep at all that night. 

Another time we lost power in the afternoon. I wanted to take a shower, so I left the bathroom door open so I could have some light. As I was showering, I saw a man standing in the doorway (our shower curtain was clear).

I assumed it was my husband and asked if he was going to get in with me. Instead of answering, he just turned and walked away. When I was done, I got out and found my husband in the living room.

I asked him why he just walked away, and he asked what I was talking about. He'd been there the whole time. 

We also both had dreams of a little girl running around the apartment. His daughter had just left and we took it hard, so at first we attributed it to missing her. Until we both talked about how it didn't really resemble her at all. 

We broke down and bought a Ouija board two weeks before we left. I know, I know. It's the worst thing to do and can make things worse. I spent a while online, looking at the proper ways to open and close a seance, and how to smudge the apartment if I felt it necessary.

The only response we got was after asking if whatever was in the apartment didn't want to talk (we'd been trying for maybe half an hour with no answers and were wanting to just end the session).

We heard a series of knocks begin at one end of the apartment and end where we were. That was all the answer we needed, and we promptly closed the session and put the Ouija board away. That was about two months ago and we haven't used it since. We don't intend to, either. 

After moving out, we've only experienced one strange thing since. Since my husband had some leave time before he had to start working at the new base, we spent a week with his parents. We were alone in their house one afternoon when we both heard a deep, firm, loud voice say "Hello."

I thought it might be my brother-in-law, but he was with his parents. It was just startling how loud and clear the voice was, and that we both heard it. But someone saying 'hello' isn't threatening at all, so I'm not too concerned. 

Now that we're in the new apartment, the cat has calmed down considerably. She doesn't yowl/hiss at anything anymore and generally seems happier. I've heard no voices, seen no apparitions, nothing has gone missing, and the apartment feels very peaceful and quiet. 

My question is, could there be something following me or my husband, or were we just lucky in moving into haunted areas? I'm leaning towards that since there's been no activity at our current residence.


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