Summit Rd

Summit Rd

The story I am about to tell in 100% true therefore I am changing the names of most of the people involved. Everyone in the family calls the house Summit Rd and the story starts in summer 1985.

I was going into 11th grade at 16 yrs old. The day we moved in, I got first pick of bedrooms since my older sister and brother had moved out and it was just me and my little sister, Sarah who was 2 yrs old.

I chose the second bedroom, my parents took the first bedroom and that left Sarah with the third bedroom. Sarah was in her room playing with our nephew Daniel who was also 2. I walked through the front door and heard a faint voice saying "hey, hey, hey".

I followed the voice through the little living room down the hall and into Sarah's room.

She and Daniel were just playing they were not saying hey at all. That night, Sarah would not sleep in her room, she just cried and cried. We thought it was the first night in a strange room. Every night after for a week she would not sleep in her room...So from then on she slept with me.

One day we were in the big living room looking out the picture window when we noticed on the black walnut tree what looked like a face with pointed eyebrows and pointed chin. It was not burned or carved in.

It was just there. We then named it the devil tree.

Weeks turned to months with nothing major going on. My Mom (Mae) would wake up in middle of the night thinking she heard one of us calling: hey or Mom.

One day my Dad (Henry), was cooking dinner. It was a windy day and the door leading to the garage opened. I jokingly said the ghost is here. At that time a cast iron potholder with a ceramic tile in it popped off the side of the wall upwards and hit my Dad on the side of the head and fell to the floor. He said a few choice words and hung it back up.

That evening I was standing in the hall talking to my girlfriend on the phone telling her the story, as soon as I finished, the light in the hall in front of the front door fell to the ground about 5 feet in front of me. My Dad looked at it and said it was not frayed or burned. His exact words were it looks like all three prongs were cut at the same time.

Again, weeks turned to months with just little things here and there. March of 1987 is when it all got started. My Grandma, D, came to stay with us for a week. She was there for a couple of days sleeping in Sarah's room with what we started calling the back room.

We had spaghetti for dinner and Gram's got sick, violently throwing up. That night, I forget the exact time it was around 3:30 am, she went to the bathroom and pure blood came out.

Mom and Dad took her to the hospital, they kept her that day and one night. The first night she came home she was up again at 3:30 in the bathroom with pure blood. They took her back to the hospital and she was there for the next couple of weeks.

They found she had colon cancer. She had surgery and seemed to be doing ok. While all of this was going on, my other nephew Kevin who was one year old was also admitted to the hospital they were checking for cancer. (He was ok no cancer).

I was working the morning of Mar 27th 1987 when my Mom called and said get to the hospital right away. She did not tell me why. So much was going through my mind. Grandma, Kevin and for some reason my Dad.

When I got to the hospital I found out it was my Dad. He had a massive heart attack at the house and died. I have to thank my Uncle Jack and Aunt Lois (two of the three names I kept real) for being there with him.

After we got back to the house, We learned that my Dad had been looking out the picture window showing my Aunt and Uncle his bird-feeders. That is the window with the devil tree. He turned and went down right in front of the fireplace where he died.

After the funeral, my Aunt Patty was sitting on the brick next to the fireplace, she looked down and found a gold circle. She said it looked like the outside of a locket. She looked down again and found a picture of a women.

We asked the neighbors if they knew her and they said it was a picture of the woman who built the house.

She had a stroke in the big living room and died in front of the fireplace. That night, my cousin (Tessa) who was in from PA and was 6 months pregnant, was sleeping in the little living room, woke up to go to the bathroom, on her way, she saw a person whom she thought was me wearing a white nightgown walking down the hall...she said she just disappeared.

The next day, Gram's came home, she did not sleep in that back room Tessa did the next night and she also woke up at 3:30am having terrible stomach pains, she went to the hospital, they assured her everything was OK with the baby.

She went back home and in June had her baby, Randy he lived for 11 days and then passed. The doctors said something happened when she was in OH. After that, NO ONE stayed in the back room.

Everyone felt there was an evil presence. Every night, we would hear chanting. Some nights the perfume smell was over-whelming. Pictures would come off the wall. The locket would appear then be gone only to show up somewhere else.

My Uncle John turned white as a ghost and started crying, he had seen my dad walking down the hall. My Mom opened the closet door and a man said turn the light off.

My Mom put the house up for sale and we were gone by Nov. 1988. The person who bought the house is still there. He did take down the devil tree. I do not have enough guts to go there and ask him if he ever had anything weird happens.

I have not ever had anything like that happen to me before Summit Rd. or after.

The home I live in now, the man who owned it before us also died in the home and laid here for three days before they found him. I have never once felt anything. That is the Summit Rd. Story. I finally put it in writing for everyone to see.

I will post the devil tree picture as soon as I can. Thanks for taking your time to hear my Story.

Story credit: Shanni.


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