The Boy and the Rifle

The Boy and the Rifle

When I was around 17 years old my parents owned an old house in the Scottish Borders. It was at a place called Gatehopeknowe which is just outside the village of Walkerburn in Peeblesshire.

When we moved in and my mother started decorating she noticed a big mark on the ceiling of her bedroom, wallpaper and paint wouldn't cover it, the stain kept coming through.

One night I walked up the hill and noticed that the landing light was on, I could see someone enter my bedroom through the window, it was someone dressed in red and I assumed it was my mother. 

The door was locked however, I looked around and noticed that the car was not there and checked under the mat, the key was there. I then assumed we had a burglar and ran to the next house which belonged to a gamekeeper and he came along with his rifle and we looked through the house. There was nobody there.

I felt so embarassed, he left and I hid in the bathroom until my parents got home. They laughed at me and told me I had been imagining things. They did the same when I told them I felt that someone was trying to pull me out of bed during the night and get me downstairs. I was frightened even during the day and left to go abroad. 

A few years later my mother told me that they had sold the house and before they left an old lady from the village had called to say goodbye and told them about the haunting. 50 years before, the house had been the home of a gamekeeper and his 14 year old son had shot himself in what used to be the lounge and was now my mother's bedroom.

Nobody knew if he had been cleaning his father's rifle and had blown his head off in an accident or if he committed suicide. So the marks on the ceiling remained and my parents believed me at last. 

Anonymous Submission.


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