The Brown Man and the Forest Curse

The Brown Man and the Forest Curse

In 2008, while I was living in England I had a strange experience which was both startling and unnerving. 

A friend of mine by the name of Cody and I were bored one night so we decided to go to go for a drive to a near-by neighboring city in East-Anglia.

The city at night was usually crawling with activity. There were gorgeous British women out clubbing and walking the strip and drunken blokes falling over themselves trying to walk the strip and occasionally trying to woo the ladies (often resulting in failure).

Overall, it was a nice break from the stillness of the area we lived in and we'd blare our music on my friend's stereo, probably looking like morons to the people on the street. 

This was practically a ritual which we repeated every weekend.

Sometimes we would actually go out into the clubs ourselves and walk up and down the strip ourselves, but it was a hassle to pay for parking, stand in line, and having to pay the cover fees and then dealing with the people inside the clubs which were sometimes only looking to fight. 

One night things started out a little differently. Cody and I got into his car in a semi-festive mood and were filming for some portion of the drive (which was approximately 25-30 minutes).

We took the same path we always did and typically at night during the Spring time the air was foggy and the fog billowed out of the forests which surrounded the roads on all sides.

We approached a section of road that is normally heavily traveled, but on this night there was nobody on the road besides us. 

Suddenly on the left hand side of the road, the headlights briefly caught what looked like a Caucasian man in olive-drab or brown uniform.

It looked like a military uniform, but not a modern one. I told my friend to hit the brakes and turn around. Within approximately five seconds we had stopped.

I told him to drive shining his lights where the man had just been. He wasn't on the side of the road, and he wasn't near the tree line either (there was a 10-15 foot gap between the road and the tree line at this point on the highway).

There was no doubt that we both saw the man clearly. 

A little background on the area: The area during World War II was checkered with airfields, many of which have been long abandoned and overrun by undergrowth in the woods, and it goes without saying that many pilots crashed their spitfires into the woods and into farmers' fields and died.

Many people and their airplanes were also bombed on the ground by the Germans before they had a chance to get off the ground. At one point there were over fifty airfields in this small area.

All this was racing through my mind just seconds after seeing the man appear and vanish in a few short seconds. I know my friend was thinking the same thing. 

My heart was still beating very rapidly. We decided to just continue on our trip and do what we always did. We never really talked about the experience again, although we did eventually try some ghost hunts.

Something about the forest in England was unnerving to us and we believed that something ominous was out there.

During my three years living there, I never once entered an area of uncleared forest, and when I drove through deep forest at night, I always did my best to just get through it as quickly as possible. 

A couple weeks later, a friend of mine and a group of his friends wanted to go walking through the same forest in the dead of night.

They had been drinking a little and heard some strange sounds out in the forest and decided to go on a little trek to investigate. A guy by the name of J, saw a creature in the forest which he described to a local there.

The local told him, that when you see this creature, that someone close to you will die. He never told me what the creature looked like. 

A few short days later his mother passed away suddenly.

Story Credit: Aaron N. CA


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