The Car Accident

The Car Accident

A little over a year ago, April 2008 to be exact, a really good friend of mine was in a really bad car-accident which almost took his life. This accident took place early in the morning. I was asleep when it happened and did not find out from other friends until a few days later.

However, I already knew something had I lay in bed the night of the accident sleeping I was awoken by something pulling on my blankets pretty hard. Thinking it was my cat playing with his toy or something, I start to fall back asleep, then I hear someone yell my name as the blankets rip from the bed. 

I froze in terror as it wasn't really a human sounding voice, but something more evil, at that moment I had the most intense feeling of evil and dread that I've ever felt. I was too scared to turn over and I just lay there until falling asleep.

Could this somehow be an out of body experience from my buddy(he always likes messing with me), or something far more sinister? I mentioned it to the friend and he has no recollection of that night, so I'll never know...much less never forget.

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