The Curse was Laid

The Curse was Laid

A few years ago, when I was around the age of nine or ten, something happened to me that changed my life forever. It's a day I will never forget, neither will the people involved. We've all been changed.

The three of us: myself, Jess, and Ev were watching The Craft one day. We were all at my house and nobody was home at the time. When the movie was over, we all just sat around trying to figure out what to do next.

Jess had a thing with Witches back then, and for some reason believed that she was one. Needless to say, her idea is what started the whole thing. Jess gathers the idea that we should imitate The Craft and do something like that ourselves. Being so young and naive, we all agreed.

There was a building behind my house, just through the woods where they had free dinners and events for people who were struggling or had nowhere to go. It was called the Annex. 

The Annex was closed that day, so we had the whole place to ourselves. In the yard there were two square pits filled with sand with a metal pipe sticking out vertically.

This is where they would play Horseshoes. I grabbed a stick and drew a pentegram into the sand, and when I was done we placed ourselves around it and all joined hands.

None of us really knew what to do, and I guess we figured that it wouldn't really work, so I began to chant random stuff that sounded remotely close to what we had seen on The Craft. 

As we continued to chant, I began to feel awfully strange. My mind was becoming quite foggy, it was getting hard to breathe, it felt as if there were a vise closing around my heart.

I guess I withdrew from the group in the midst of it, because I remember slowly backing up with my hand drawn over my heart, bending forward trying to catch my breath.

They asked what was wrong and I replied "I don't feel right". After that, everything went black for me. The rest of this event was told to me by the two friends that were with me that day. 

According to Jess and Ev, after I responded, I went catatonic for a moment. My eyes became bloodshot, my skin grew ashen and my lips had turned purple.

They said I began acting as if I were irritated and every time they'd get near me I'd back away from them and glare at them.

I guess they decided to take me to Jess' grandmother's home, which was basically two roads away, and they had a difficult time convincing me to get on my bike and ride with them.

I finally cooperated and got onto my bike and followed them to Jess' grandmother's house. Her grandmother is a devout Christian and always keeps a bible and holy water near. We pulled up at her house and Jess ran inside to get her and tell her what had happened.

Her grandmother, who we'll call Kathy, ran outside and found me on the porch. She coaxed me inside the house, holy water and bible ready, and began to read over me and sprinkle holy water on me.

From their statements, I became violent and Kathy had to pin me to the wall while reading over me and sprinkling holy water on me. After a few minutes, everything seemed to calm down. 

Next thing I knew, I was sitting on the couch in her grandmother's livingroom. I had no idea how I'd gotten there, and you could guess I was pretty confused and bewildered.

They explained what had happened and it freaked me out to the point of tears; I had no control of my body for who knows how long. It was upsetting and unnerving.

We all stayed together the rest of the day, but when night came we were all alone in our beds. I cannot speak for the other two, but for me, it didn't end there. 

For the next two weeks, I would have dreams that always involved the same Being. He would never look the same, but it was always the same Being. Since I was so young and Christian back then, I believed it to be Lucifer. The dreams were always different, but somehow the same.

Sometimes I'd be killing people for him, which are the ones I remember the most; but just as the dream was about to end, he'd always say the same thing right before I woke up.

He would say "it's okay, it'll all be over soon. Soon you'll be my wife," and then my eyes would snap open and his voice would still be in my ears.

Eventually I got so afraid that I prayed to God to make it stop and to forgive me for what I'd done. The dreams stopped, but he never left. 

For the next 7-8 years he followed me and guided me, watching over me and keeping me out of harms way. I felt him everywhere I went and my friends could feel him around me.

He always unnerved Jess. I always thought I was the only one to be attacked, but Jess began to be harrassed at night by some demonic creature in her sleep.

At one point, Kathy, her grandmother, walked into the room and Jess was crawling on the floor (she was still asleep) and then huddled into a corner and began violently jolting as if she were being poked with a cattle prod. It was not a seizure, that's for sure.

Ev, she never said that she was being bothered by anything, but she's definitely changed. She's overcome with intense depression, she has anxiety and has convinced herself she's going crazy. Her life has basically become a hell for her. 

Jess and I strongly believe that we were cursed. I could never be happy, could never have love. Each time I tried, something happened that would ruin it.

Perhaps it was just bad luck, but now that I no longer feel him, I'm happily engaged to the most incredible man. Jess has moved away and is still searching for her happiness, but I know she'll find it.

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