The Demon and the Lonely

The Demon and the Lonely

First, I would like to establish myself as a rationalist and skeptic of all things unproven. With that said, I wish I had proof of what my family and I have experienced. 

What I am going to share right now is something my grandmother shared with me that happened to her just a few years ago. 

One evening, my grandfather had to pull a night shift at the factory and my grandmother was left alone all night. She's always very uneasy if she has to be left alone over night, but she convinced herself she could tough it out.

As she was settling down for bed, she tried to ease her mind by reading a book so she wouldn't psych herself out. When she finally felt herself drifting to sleep, she turned off the light, pulled up her covers, laid to her side, and closed her eyes.

Almost right as she closed her eyes it happened. 

In the pitch dark, she felt someone or something on the other side of the bed casually get under the covers, put a big arm around her waste, and let out a long sigh that froze the back of her neck.

She was nearly petrified, but somehow managed to confidently muster the words "Who are you?". In a voice that she could only describe as "nonhuman and evil" it replied "Robbie Brown".

Robbie Brown was the name of her nephew who died in a horrible car accident almost 30 years ago, and that was not his voice.

My grandmother yelled in anger and turned on the lights only to find herself alone. 

This isn't uncommon for my grandmother or my entire family. We are all very rational people who can't seem to understand why things like this happen to us.

As I have done more research, I am really wondering if there is some kind of "demonic" presence that is lingering in my blood-line. Any useful input would be appreciated. 

I'll share one of my experiences next time.

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