The Dog Comes Back

The Dog Comes Back

It all started when I was 7, I was crying for days on end. My dog had died from my dad running her over in front of me. We lived too far away to get help for our dog, her name was Lille. She had died from internal bleeding.

Lille was buried in the forest behind our house. Every week, I walked over to her grave and cried for Lille and blamed myself for her death. Then one day when I was crying about her as usual, I felt something leaning up against me.

I looked over and saw nothing but the trees swinging slowly from side to side.

I sighed and walked back home thinking it was nothing. When I went to bed that night I felt pressure on my ankles and every time i'd look around at times I would see a figure of a dog with black fur.

This repeated until I moved away. I prayed with my friend one time to see this happen again. Amazingly, I saw the dog I ended up realizing this was my dog Lille I was so happy and felt as though the hole in my heart was full of joy again.

Then I didn't see Lille, I felt as though she went to a better place, whenever I was truly scared though I would see Lille and she would protect me from getting hurt.

This is my story, you may believe it and you may not, it's your choice. It may not be scary either, but I believe it, and I thought some of you would believe it as well. If you are ever scared or afraid, remember, someone is always there to protect you. 

Story Credit: Emily.


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