The German Apartment

The German Apartment

In the tranquil city of Speicher, in Germany’s farthest western corner, near Germany’s famed oldest city, Trier; lies a quaint, typical German down-town street.

The street bears the name, Kirchstrasse (literally Church Street). By day the businesses which line the main street, namely a bistro, an electronics store, a doctor’s office receive many customers, however after five pm, the businesses close and the street begins to settle.

By eight pm, the street is dead silent, especially near the church and the graveyard in the small churchyard. 

There is but one person who stays there after everything settles down, a young foreigner from America, who rents a converted up-stairs apartment.

Originally it was a large office, with a few rooms, and directly connected to the graveyard on one side, which is directly above the electronics store. The man who rented it chose it because of its large size, downtown location, and affordable price. 

Although the city settled down in the evening, that wasn’t necessarily the case for the new, lone inhabitant. When he came home from work, he’d close the door and hear the apartment echo with the clang of the solid wooden door against the worn frame.

The unseen activity within the apartment was all but invisible to the man. 

One night, the man was watching television late at night, barely awake, tired and drifting in and out of sleep. Out of the dark the man heard what sounded like a child’s footsteps, followed by giggling and a playful child’s voice speaking.

Naturally, this particular American didn’t speak German, and at this point in time simply ignored the sounds and went back to sleep. 

A few months later, the American had gotten accustomed to hearing laughter and talking. He assumed that it was emanating from outside, however he often got the feeling that he was not alone in the apartment.

He began telling his friends about the strange sounds, but friends were not apt to think that there had been any ghostly activity. 

After a hard day’s work, the man came home and took a shower. Again, he did his nightly ritual and eventually decided it was time to go to bed.

He lay down in bed, but was unable to get comfortable, rolling restlessly. For some reason, he could not fall to sleep. It was pitch black in the apartment with the rolllden down, yet he sensed that there was someone standing next to his bed, intently watching him. 

The American rolled towards the presence which he sensed was emanating from the side of his bed. He opened his unaided eyes and believed he saw the face of a little girl.

He reached for his glasses and flipped on the lights. Suddenly, he heard footsteps running towards the door. The door swung open, shortly thereafter the front door to the house swung open and slammed back shut. 

After that night, the American went to stay with his girlfriend, and stayed with her until his lease was up, and he was able to find another apartment.

He never found a good explanation for the events, however he believed it may have had something to do with the graveyard which was literally directly connected to the building.

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