The Ghost of H.H.S.

The Ghost of H.H.S.

The Ghost of H.H.S

Every student who has attended the school has at one time or another heard about ‘Oscar.’ The school, though referred to by the old folks in the city of Havre as the ‘new high school,’ is anything but new.

It was built in the 1950s, equipped with a full-size auto garage, metallurgy shop, photography lab, gymnasium and 1000+ seat auditorium. 

One day in the mid-1970s, a well-liked maintenance man by the name of Oscar, was at work just like any other day. He ascended the ladder up the side of the auditorium until he reached the catwalk.

Oscar needed to change one of the lights in the lighting fixture which had burned out, and at the time the only way to do it was by reaching out from the side of the catwalk and replacing the bulb.

He had done this job a thousand times, but this time, for some reason Oscar lost his footing and fell forty feet to the hard concrete floor below; landing partially on the concrete, and partially on the first row of seats. 

Needless to say, Oscar died immediately and the front row of seats was removed and the carpet there as well (to this day the area where he fell is devoid of carpet).

These days Oscar has been known to pay its faculty a visit once in a while. 

The drama teacher, who naturally works in the auditorium quite frequently, has said that often the lights turn off on their own, and items move around often without explanation.

Students have been present when these events have taken place. However, Oscar typically doesn’t bother students, but rather seems to enjoy aggravating the late-staff such as the secretaries, the principal, and the maintenance personnel. 

Many events have been witnessed in the school after hours. Five of the school staff witnessed a paperclip fly inexplicably off a counter and hit a wall.

During a meeting a large crash was heard, only to find pictures which were screwed on to the wall which had crashed down. Basketballs are also often heard bouncing on their own in the gymnasium, and occasionally the elevator runs all by itself. 

The night staff of H.H.S. are not worried about this mischievous specter’s antics, however they certainly have obtained a wealth of ghost stories to tell.

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