The Ghost of Toby

I hesitate to share this story, because Toby doesn't want me to tell anyone about him. However, I need to get it out and I hope this can help people out there to at least know they are not alone if they happen to experience ghosts.

I hope this story offers hope of good things beyond our knowing and understanding, as it has to me. When I was fourteen, my Brother had a girlfriend named Eva.

We lived in Washington, and she was from Chicago. She was twenty years old. She had a personality as fiery as her red hair, and I loved spending time with her.

We hung out together a lot, and she would take me to dinner and watch movies with me. She wore a perfume called Poison, and I can still smell it around me somehow to this day.

One night we were sitting around talking, and like many typical teenagers, I had an interest in ghosts. I also had experienced many unexplained things which made me curious about ghosts.

So, I asked Eva if she had ever seen a ghost. Eva said she had actually been considering telling me something, but wasn't sure if she should.

I begged her to tell me, and she said she had a friend who wanted her to tell me but she wasn't sure if I could handle it. She finally gave in and told me an amazing, sad, and scary story.

Eva told me that she had twin friends back in Chicago who had died. Their names were Toby and Tabitha. They were in a car wreck, and Tabitha was in a coma. When Tabitha died, Toby killed himself.

Eva told me that Toby is still around her, and he can't pass to the next plane of existence because he killed himself. Eva said if you kill yourself, you are stuck here and you can not avoid learning your intended lessons you were supposed to learn in life.

Maybe there is possible redemption for these poor souls somehow, but I just don't know for sure.

Eva went on and on about how she could see and feel Toby around her. She told me she could feel him touch her, and I even saw her foot move weirdly once, and she said, "Stop it Toby" because she said he had pushed her foot.

I was not sure if she was crazy, but I acted incredulous and I couldn't believe someone was saying these things to me, and I didn't know what to do or if I should tell my Mom or Brother about it.

Eva said not to tell anyone, and that people wouldn't understand. Eva said Toby knew I was suicidal, (In fact I was suicidal. The first time I tried to kill myself I was eight years old) and Toby wanted me to know what happens to people when they commit suicide. He wanted me to know it's not worth it.

Toby also allegedly said that he would stay with me, and keep me safe from the dark things that haunted me, as long as I needed him. Toby said there were many things feeding off my life energy and trying to frighten me and feed off my fear.

Apparently he thought I was a good soul and was worth trying to help. Eva told me that Toby strongly hates being talked about, and gets very angry if anyone talks about him at all.

He feels this way because people reject the idea of ghosts so readily, and he doesn't like when people think his friends are crazy. In short, I was not to tell anyone because no one would believe me, and it also sucks to be the ghost that no one believes is real.

Also, Toby said thoughts are real things that have an effect on your life, so be careful what information you ever share.

This brings me again to my fear of posting this, but I don't want this story of my life to die with me. I just want to get it out and recorded. I encountered several instances of proof that Toby is real.

The first was when the phone rang, and I answered it to hear a man's voice finishing a word. Then I heard my friend say to me, "I thought you're not home? He said you're not home."

I said, "What? I only have one phone and I am home alone!" My friend then said, "What?? A man answered and I asked if you were home and he said you weren't!" That scared the hell out of me because I really heard the voice, it was very deep.

When I told Eva about that, she laughed knowingly and said she had lost a lot of dates because of that, and it's one of Toby's favorite practical jokes. He also liked to protect her, and I guess me, from people he deemed were negative.

Eva said Toby's voice became deep after he died, because he had always wanted a deeper voice and you can manifest whatever kind of body you want out of energy.

I forgot to mention earlier Eva told me what he looked like. He died in 1984, and was twenty four years old. He typically wore jeans and a white tank top, and this is what his ghost wears.

He also had blonde hair and a tattoo of a ship on his chest. Soon after the phone experience, I had another experience.

I had been babysitting for this "woman" my parents hung out with. My parents made me babysit for her five children, who she did not care for well and certainly did not teach any sort of morals or manners.

She lived in welfare housing, and long story short, I ended up watching her neighbor's children as well, so I had nine children in total.

The Mother I was babysitting for was harsh, and gave me many chores to do on top of babysitting, including the dishes, cooking, and picking up the toys in the yard. She said if I did not do these things, she would not pay me.

These children did not listen to a word I said. I could not control them at all. I had no way to contact my parents or their Mother. I was to watch them overnight.

I caught the kids smoking cigarettes, I found them kissing, you name it- they did it. They ran all over the place and tore the house up completely.

There were toys all over the yard. They had me in tears, and they called me horrible names. It was not good. Finally, and about four in the morning, they were getting tired.

I had them all in one room with me, so I could keep an eye on them. We heard a noise in the yard, and the oldest boy (who was about eight years old) jumped up to the window and whispered loudly, "Someone's out there!"

The kids all gathered at the window and I heard one yell, "Hey! Leave our toys alone!" and another one said, "He's putting them away!" I got to window as fast as I could, just after the man was out of view underneath us on the porch.

We were in an upstairs bedroom. I said, "Where did he go?" The kids said the man was on the porch. The porch was small and we waited a long time for him to emerge.

I asked the kids what he looked like, and they said blonde hair and a white tank top. It was Toby. No one else would have picked up the toys at four in the morning, or ever.

We gave up waiting, and we fell asleep. One time I saw Toby while I was napping. I woke up and he was standing by my dresser, a fuzzy white shadow person looking just like Eva described him to be.

I was overtaken with sleep, and the fear and amazement at what I saw made me welcome sleep again readily.

It would be easy to say this was a dream, but I know it was not a dream. One night I woke up at about three in the morning. I went to the kitchen sink to drink water.

Above the sink was a window looking out to the yard and driveway. Eva's car was starting to drive away. She was usually asleep at that time, so this was weird. Then her car stopped, and sat there a few minutes.

I kept staring at the car, terrified that Eva was leaving forever. I saw Eva open the car door and start walking to me. She came inside and was crying and said she didn't want to have to say goodbye to me, and why couldn't I be asleep and how did I know she was doing this.

Eva told me she had to leave, but Toby would stay with me as long as I needed him. Eva told me my soul was weak from the trauma of my life and I was being attacked by evil life sucking beings.

Eva said Toby would stay with me to keep me from killing myself and to protect me. He wouldn't be with me every single second, but he would be there when something happened that caused me to need him. Then, Eva left, after giving no warning to my Brother or me. Many years passed, many many years.

I have felt Toby around me, it seems so anyway, but no sightings. I began to doubt, sometimes, about what really happened. Did Eva just say all those things to give me something to believe in, to live for?

But what about how I heard him, and the kids saw him, and I saw him? It was all so strange. Then, three years ago something amazing happened.

I had been in an abusive relationship with an alcoholic for over fifteen years, when someone found me online and became my friend.

After over three years of him begging me to trust him, he drove 2,000 miles with a U-Haul and brought me and my two kitties to his home where I have now have lived for three years.

We had never met in person, so it was amazing that he did this. On the road trip to his house, he said he had something he never told me before.

He said he was afraid to tell me, because I would never believe him. He said he felt like his whole life had been preparation to meet me and help me, and it was his destiny.

He said something strange happened to him that made him know all this was true about him helping me. He is a skeptical person who had never seen a ghost or anything like that.

He said one night after he met me, he was sitting around thinking about how he should rescue me from my living situation. He was considering doing it when he heard a voice say to him, "Take care of her."

He heard this with his ears, as if a person was right next to him. I asked if the voice was unusually deep, and my friend said, "Yes! That was weird to me, how did you know?!" I started to cry, because I just knew it was Toby.

My friend said, "Oh my God, I didn't think you would cry, I didn't think you would believe me but I never thought you would cry!" I said, "It was Toby-" and my friend said, "Who?" -because I had never told him about Toby before.

Since then, that friend who saved me and I fell in love and are going to get married. I am more happy than I have ever been in my life. I love to think that Toby still looks out for me, and I hope he is there to greet me when I cross over one day.

I am very thankful for these experiences. Toby, if you know I am doing this, I hope you understand and I hope you forgive me, and, thank you.


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