The Great Orb Debate

The Great Orb Debate

I may be new to the site, but I'm not new to paranormal events. I grew up in an old Victorian home in Michigan. I'll tell some of those stories later, but let's just say I experienced some interesting things.

I think it was only natural that I got into paranormal investigations after that. 

One thing that has always bothered me though was "orbs". People capture little glowing balls of light on a camera and seem to think they've hit the holy grail of paranormal evidence. 

Are Orbs Real?

Sorry folks, but dust, pollen, bugs, moisture, lens flare... these things will all make orbs!

The number of photographs I have with "orbs" in them that were taken at perfectly normal locations is astonishing. Look through any family photo album, I guarantee you'll see them everywhere if you look.

People like to say "Oh, that must be Uncle Bob," but they ignore the obvious. Perhaps it's something to do with the comfort it brings to know a loved one is nearby after they're gone. 

I'm a big fan of ruling out the normal before jumping to the paranormal. It seems that a lot of modern investigators have lost that. They get so excited about finding something, they blow straight by the obvious answer.

Modern investigators sometimes seem they just want evidence of something or anything out there, so they pull in even the flimsiest "evidence". This doesn't help at all, though; it only serves to water down the field and make it less credible. 

Even videos of orbs that seem to have a mind of their own.. have you ever watched a dust mote float by? They catch every tiny little variation in the air, bobbing and weaving all over. This isn't paranormal; it's just someone who doesn't look into things enough. 

Show me a photo of an apparition. Toss me an EVP. But please, please don't show me another orb photo.

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