The Hallway Creeper

The Hallway Creeper

So back in September because of reasons, I moved from my apartment, to live with my older sister and her family.

The house that we're living in, is a half and half. My brother in law's parents live next door, and my sister, her husband, me, and my two nieces, one 19 the other 15. My bed is in the living room next to the front door. The living room and the kitchen is just one big space, separated by the bar my brother in law built.

Across the hall from the kitchen is my sister & brother in law's bedroom, down the hall towards the back door on the right is the girls room, further back to the left is the bathroom, and then the back door that leads out into the add on porch they built when they all moved in. 

I had been here for about 2 weeks maybe, and since my sleeping schedule was all out of whack, I was up late at night.

The kitchen lights are on a dimmer. So it was about, 2am or there about, and I was the only one awake. The kitchen lights were dimmed, I was sitting on my bed, and playing City of Heroes on my computer.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw what looked like a torso and a head leaning out of the wall, looking down the hall at me. I looked up and it was gone. So I shrugged, chalked it up to the light messing with my eyes.

Then it happened 3 more times, every time it happened, I'd look up and there'd be nothing there. 

Now anyone who knows me, knows that most of my paranormal encounters have scared the bejesus outta me, and left me shaking, trying to find a logical explanation when there wasn't any.

But at the same time, I didn't feel afraid. My youngest niece, the 15 yr old, has been known to sleep walk for as long as I've known her. (She's not my sister's daughter, I met her when she was 5).

So I thought that perhaps, she was still having the problem. So I got up, walked into the darkened hallway and looked in their bedroom. Niece in question was tangled up in her sheets so bad, there was no way possible that she could have gotten back into bed.

Not to mention their door makes a loud creek when it opens or shuts and I heard no such noise before or after seeing said shape. I also don't recall seeing any hair, or facial features, it was just an outline. 

After it happened, my brother in law and sister came out of their bedroom, and were heading out back with their dog Rocky for a smoke. When they came back in, I asked Angel (my sister) if she had ever seen or experienced anything odd around the house.

She said no, but she's also not really into the paranormal either. So I told her what I'd seen, and she then told me that the couple they rent the entire house from (both apartments) was bought for one of their fathers.

He passed away in the apartment next door. 

Since that night, everything was calm around here. Then the light over the stove would start blinking on and off. Having nothing to do with the light-bulb either. Only that one. 

Then came a night that scared me. Rebecca, the 15 yr old had an experience. My friend Kat who've I mentioned before was here at the house.

The girls had gone to bed. About 40 minutes later, I heard her not really scream, but that's as close as I can call it. I heard Michelle (the 19 yr old) talking, then Becky came back out into the kitchen crying.

And I don't mean just tears. I mean shaking like a leaf, with snot bubbles, and looking freaked out.

I asked her what happened. She said she had been laying in bed with an uneasy feeling, and when she looked toward her closet (which doesn't have a door and also where the AC unit is) she saw a dark mass that was just hovering there.

When she reached for her flash light to look at it, to make sure it was actually there, then looked back, it resembled a hand reaching out for her. She was pretty shook up and refused to go back to sleep.

Kat had come over for a collaborative writing effort, which I cut short. I got into bed with Becky and laid with her until she fell back to sleep. 

I didn't sleep myself but kept looking around the room, hoping to see either what she saw, or something that could explain what she saw and there was nothing.

They both have an iTouch and have the large charger for it, with a small blue light that pretty much illuminates the whole room. It's far from pitch black in there.

The only thing that bothered me was the sound of the ceiling fan circling. I didn't see anything that could have been mistaken for a black mass, or anything like it. I'm at a loss. 

I've not seen anything like that, since then. But I have the feeling that it could happen again.

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