The Haunted Woodchester Mansion

The Haunted Woodchester Mansion

The Woodchester Mansion depicts an art of a real classic and ghostly house. From the architecture, the windows and the huge stone walls allow for a scary atmosphere even on the exterior.

The mansion clearly faces the Woodchester Park. In the place of the Woodchester Mansion, initially stood the Spring Park which was a county house built in the 17th century.

Its name came as a result of the numerous springs in the valley. There exist traces that the Spring Valley had been occupied as early as the Roman dispensation. 

The Woodchester Mansion was incepted by a Freemason man by the name of William Leigh who had previously bought the spring park before deciding to pull it down and build the Woodchester Mansion on its foundation.

William Leigh died in 1873 but he had not completed the building since he had run out of cash. The estate was sold in 1938 by the Leigh family. American forces had occupied the mansion as well as those from Canada during the war in the 1940s.

Currently, Woodchester Trust owns the estate and they are trying to refurbish it. 

Many people reported to see numerous strange things in the mansion. One of the ghostly scenes that had played out is that of a horseman, Sir Rupert riding around the lakes at the entry area of the mansion.

Through we've learned that he was headless! Sir Rupert had slain his half brother and inherited the spring park from him. 

Other people also recorded seeing a female child appearing around the first entrance. A coffin was also sighted hovering around the park's lakes and this was believed to belong to a Dominican suicide victim who drowned himself in the lake.

Many people who had visited the mansion as workers or mere passerby‚Äôs reported that they heard sounds from afar of people talking and laughing. Music has also been heard from various directions of the mansion. The music is believed to be connected with a white dressed female whose reflection if often seen on the upper floors. 

One of the most recent observations took place in 2004 and 2005 where a black dog was seen moving around the interior which reflects the deaths connected with the mansion.

Back in the early 1900's, a local cleric spotted a strange ghostly being at the entrance of the mansion. This image scared him enough that he never returned again.

A couple of years after that, other ghost horsemen were seen near the mansion. 

When you get past the first door of the mansion, you are met with an atmosphere that makes you feel as if you are living in the ancient days. The amazing site includes suspended fire-places that reflect a typical Victorian site.

The numerous doors do not have specific leads. The floors are so fortified showing you that they act as a banker for the rooms underneath.

You will be amazed to also see building tools that were used during construction; True evidence that the building was actually left unfinished.

It is also believed that during the building construction exercise, many accidentally deaths had taken place and some people were also murdered here. 

Inside the Mansion, a shrine stands between two huge colored windows that provide lighting. It is believed that the shrine was actually a chapel that was used to conduct a lot of satanic orgies and rituals around the 1980's.

The story of satanic rituals however is not fully proven.

The other chapel in the mansion is rather smaller in size and had been intended for Leigh.

Some people who had come to conduct rituals in the place report seeing a ghost in form of a man gazing at some of the unfinished structure with disappointment...possibly by the dilapidated state of the building.

There are also times when visiting people have witnessed building material falling around the rooms as if being thrown around. 

Many more unusual stories and experiences have been recorded in the history surrounding The Woodchester Mansion. Having had many of these stories, you wouldn't want to just believe in them without exploring it yourself!

The Mansion is open for visits and viewing by the public from 11:00am to 4:00pm. If you happen to be thrilled and sentimental about ghosts, this destination offers you a promise to see one for real.


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