The Hauntings in Star Mall Alabang Philippnes

Star Mall, previously called Metropolis Star, stands on the former site of the Alabang Cemetery. Manuela Realty Development Corp., established by Sen. Manny Villar's grandmother-in-law Doa Manuela Aguilar Riguera, built the mall in the '90s.

But only few know about the real story lurking behind the lights and glamour of this mall. It was considered as one of the top 10 scariest places in the Philippines.

Why not? I was 7 years old when I saw my Father carrying a sack and telling my mom to go back to the Cemetery for he was not able to get my Grandfather’s bones in his tomb.

It was demolished by a group of men without giving us signal that they would tear that place apart. When I looked at what was inside of said sack, it was bones and a skull of my Grandma (Father 's side).

As of this writing, my Grandfather’s bones were still buried under that mall. Anyway, some says that when you watch a movie and go inside of the cinema, you will feel a chill and an eerie feeling and not just from the cold air that comes from the air conditioners.

There was this story that a couple went in to see a movie but they had trouble finding a seat for in the theater as they made their way in. It was fully packed.

They have no choice but to stand up and wait for their turn but as the movie ended and the lights came on, they were the only ones inside. A close friend of mine told me her creepy encounter on the this mall. She was at a Supermarket located on the upper part of the mall.

On the other side of it was the Amusement park that was already closed. She was looking for a dress when she glanced at the amusement park. She was surprised to see a dark shadow figure of 2 children running around as if they were playing tag.

She went in for a closer look only to realize that the said shadows were also looking at her too. She turned her back and walked away from the spot she was in as fast as she could. As for me,

I don’t stay long at that mall for it gives me a severe headache even if I have my amulet given to me by my Grandma. At first I thought it was just coincidence but when I tried it 3 times, I knew it was not only ghosts' that haunt that mall, but also things that were so evil.

I know my limits as my Grandma warned me before.

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