The Hey Man

The Hey Man

One of my more minor encounters from my childhood days. 

This happened when I was in middle school. During this time, my younger sister was in her elementary years so the times of our release varied by an hour or two.

My father would pick me up first, since I got out earlier, and we'd come home and he would relax a bit before heading out to go get her from after care. My mother always worked late, so once he left it was just the pets and me in the house. 

Well, one day happened a bit differently. My father and I came home and I took root at my usual spot on the desktop computer out in the dining room area -- directly behind me was the doorway to the kitchen -- and pulled my headphones on.

Not listening to any music yet, but just out of habit since I knew I would eventually turn some tunes on. 

After he left, I gave the upcoming situation hardly any mind at all. I didn't mind being in the house by myself; I wasn't scared or worried about anything happening, plus I relished the feel of being the only person in the house.

Which would happen to be a total of perhaps twenty minutes of "me" time. 

Anyway, here I am on the computer a couple minutes after he leaves and then it began to happen. I felt an uneasy tension closing in on me, but kept shaking it off because I didn't know exactly what it was and nothing was happening along with it.

I felt my dog, Dolly, press herself against my legs and shift weight from one fore leg to the other.

Just a side note: my dog was coddled (and continues to be coddled) her entire life. And although that is the case, she doesn't seek attention by shoving herself in your face and demand that you pet her because she's used to everyone coming to her.

And the only time she ever acts like that -- with the snuggling close into the legs -- is when something is scaring her. 

And yet I just thought she wanted attention. So, I patted her head and returned to the screen. I heard noises behind me and felt her snuggle closer.

I looked down at her and her ears were back and she had this unhappy look on her face as she looked in the direction of the kitchen. I heard the noises again... a sort of shuffling-like sound, so I followed her gaze. 

There was nothing there, but I could sense that something wasn't right. And then I see my cat darting back and forth in the kitchen -- thus explaining the sounds.

I was about to laugh, because I thought he was in a frisky mood where he likes to tear all over the house as fast as he can but his fur was poofed up, his tail bent over, his ears back. He didn't look like he was playing around. 

Again, I shrugged this off as unusual, but nothing worth concerning myself about.

This time when I faced the computer, I saw a shadow loom over the keyboard as if someone were leaning over me, and when this happened my dog tried to become one with my flesh.

The tension in the air completely encompassed me now. Someone was there... I peeked my eyes around, not even turning my head all the way as I felt them lean into my ear and gently whisper, "Hey..." in a man's voice. 

I whipped my head around so fast I slammed half my body into the computer desk and screamed right in their face. But, of course, nobody was there.

I felt so bad... I realize now that whoever it was wanted to communicate with me and tried approaching me in the safest way possible, and there I go screaming in their face like a loser.

So, I openly apologized, told them I'm not used to being talked to so directly, and to try again some other time. 

(Thank cripes I'm not so shaky nowadays, eh? xD ) 

Needless to say, I haven't heard back from this Hey Man person. And I don't blame them. Hell, if someone screamed in fear all up in my face I'd be a little too embarrassed to try again, either. 

Sometimes I wonder if that was ever my grandfather.

He likes to bake in the house sometimes and whenever he visits that's how he usually announces his presence, but then again I've been visted by so many different kinds of spirits before, so I can't say for sure who it really was.

Anonymous submission.


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