The Jackson House

The Jackson House

A few years ago my team was contacted by a woman through our web site asking for our help with a haunting at her brothers house.

She went on to explain that the house was empty now and that CPS was investigating her brother over the welfare of his children. Well of course with children involved I responded immediately to find out more and if we could possibly be of any help. 

She wrote back and started telling me a pretty wild story. She said through the last couple of years the boy in the home had been claiming to have a friend there he called Spiderman.

An imaginary friend they all thought and at first they really didn't pay it much attention. As time past though the boy became increasingly depressed and more scared.

It had gotten to the point that he would no longer sleep in his own bedroom. 

Then she told me she had begun taking pictures about the house and was coming up with images she couldn't explain. 

Finally she told me that the previous Thanksgiving was the final straw. That during a family get together for the holiday, her sister in law was attacked by an unseen force right in front of the entire family.

That it was such a severe attack that what ever this thing was it even held in the air up against the wall. 

After this, the family had to move out of the house and find another place to live. The boy was so terrorized he had talked about it at school and this was why CPS was now involved with the situation too. 

First thing I asked her was to send me some of these pictures with the strange images she was talking about.

At any rate she sent me several. In one there is a young man hugging her father. She explained her father was standing there alone when the picture was taken.

In another her nephew was sitting on the couch and there are two children in front of him one to the right and one to the left. This was a disturbing picture because the one on the left looked like a child with a plastic bag over her head.

Again she stated the nephew was alone when the pic was taken. I questioned her if there had ever been a child killed in the home by smother with a plastic bag due to seeing that in the photo?

She said no but she thought a father had killed a child in a similar way a couple of blocks over a few years earlier. I tried to confirm this later through research but was unable too. 

Well I decided to take on the case, it had my interest. We were contacted by CPS and sure enough they were involved and were interested in what results we might find too. 

Upon researching the location, I couldn't find any history on the house itself to explain the activity. What I did learn though was that at one time the entire neighborhood was one big plantation.

During those years there was once a slave that was so mean even the other slaves were terrified of him.

Though the articles didn't go into great detail they did say his violence had grown so out of control that the owner of the plantation finally had to hang him to bring an end to his s***. 

Well with nothing more we could find we decided to do an investigation of the residence. We arrive to sure enough find the home abandoned and empty.

No power on or anything else for that matter. We took our base line reading and continued on with the investigation. Once it was over, we returned home to review the evidence and see if we came up with anything.

In one picture there appears to be a boy with darkened eyes.I assume he was the infamous Spiderman. In another there appears to be the upper torso of a man in a white tank top leaning into the kitchen window. Perhaps the mean slave?

I don't know but with no head and a closed window that's one neat trick anyways to be sure. And in yet another, there appears to be a woman inside the kitchen doing dishes taken from out in front of the house.

I did have a good evp as well but it got lost with the ex when we split.

On it my ex had claimed the ceiling fan in the back bedroom had begun spinning by itself, so I was asking the spirit to spin it again when a very clear African American woman in a very proper southern voice replied "You have to turn it yourself". 

I posted these pictures on my website and emailed Mrs. Jackson. To my surprise though I've made several attempts to reach her I've never heard from her again.

I can only assume she got what she needed from the site and moved on with her life. It's one of those cases that though the evidence was overwhelming in my opinion remains unsolved.

Anonymous submission.


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