The Lady in the Basement

Just last week, I was told by my Uncle about their basement that was haunted by a white lady. He told me that no one really attempt to go downstairs because of the said haunting.

Even my cousins do not want to wish to go there. Only my Grandfather (my Father’s side) who was brave enough to be left alone on the said basement. I asked my Uncle what’s in the basement.

He says that they put all the old things there, closet, bike, things for carpentry of my grandfather and a big mirror that was given by his grandparents as well.

I was curious on why would he keep a mirror in the basement if it still can be used? If it was cracked or broken they should have at least get rid of it already.

I asked him who gave them an idea that there was a white lady on the basement. He said he have seen her on his own eyes. My Grandfather told him to get some nails, screw, and his hammer in the basement.

Since it was daytime, he manage to get it.

He opened the lights and started searching for some nails and screws in my grandfather’s tool box.

The tool box was placed in front of the big mirror and if you would look at it, you will see the old closet that was tall with enough space for some boxes of Christmas decors that was placed there.

Then he felt a cold wind, a sudden chill came over the air, and his hair began to stand on end.

Then it came to his senses, how the hell there would be wind if the door of the basement was closed!

He hurriedly looked at the door wishing that someone was just playing with him, his children or his younger son but to his dismay, it was shut close.

Then unintentionally he looked at the mirror and to his horror, he saw a decapitated head of a woman with its eyes closed.

Thinking that he was just playing his mind he closed his eyes but still holding on the hammer. He says that he believed in ghosts alright but he didn’t expect that he would see such disturbing act. When he opens his eyes he passed out.

The last thing he remembered was he was held by my grandfather waking him up and telling him that he shouldn’t be sleeping in the basement.

He didn’t say a word but looked at the closet. I asked him what happened after that and why did he passed out, he looked at me with an emotionless face and told me that when he opened his eyes, the decapitated head was already in his shoulder staring its black eyes with a red dot in the center of it.

I asked if he spoke it with grandpa, he says he didn’t for he will just say that it was only his imagination. Up to this moment I was still thinking if I would go and check it out and maybe…just maybe…I would find myself staring at it too…

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