The Last Goodbye

The Last Goodbye

I’m from Central America, Honduras, I like to share a very special story about my Grandfather Daniel, my mother’s Father. My Grandfather lived in the mountains of the Industrial Capital San Pedro Sula,Honduras. 

He was growing pineapples and sugar cane, we used to go to visit him like once a month, for my little brother and I was an adventure, the reason, the taxi will leave us at the bottom of the mountain and from there we have to walk about 6 miles to 10 miles but we enjoy it.

As we walk up, we admire the beautiful nature, the nice cool breeze of the pine trees dancing with the wind and the wild rabbits that will encounter…I’m a nature lover!

We’ll spend the weekend with him, he used to live in a camper at the top of the mountain, he’ll cook for us then we will go walk around the forest looking for adventure my little brother and I and he will tell us not to wonder to far. 

It was amazing! he was the sweetest and kind man that you ever met, as I’m writing this I can’t stop my tears, but one thing he always tell Us how much he loved Us and enjoyed our company,I was 9 years old and my brother was 8 years old. 

My mother will always worry about him staying all alone out here, my uncle Daniel who used to go and check on him, he will call him back and assure him that he was ok. But one day my mother decided to leave the Industrial Capital and go back to our little town to stay with my grandmother, so for a few later months later we lost touch with my grandfather. 

My uncle stay in the Capital with his wife and one day he did not hear about my grandfather and went check on him and he found him down a little creek by the pineapple field face down dead at first they thought he had a heart attack but my uncle think he was killed, somebody probably was stealing pineapples and robed him and they were caught by my grandfather.

My uncle called us on the phone and that what he told us. 

I remember like yesterday , when we got the bad news that day, we were so sad crying and I remember that night I told my mother that I wanted to sleep with her because I was afraid and in the middle of the night when everybody was sleep.

I don’t know why but something woke me up and I felt my Grandfather's presence behind me, looking at me...he was saying goodbye. I was frozen and did not dare to turn me head to look at him, I was scared, but I knew he loves me and he will not hurt me. 

My heart told me it was him, I will never forget that night and I always share my story with my kids. 

“Rest in peace Papito ,you will always live in my heart”

Anonymous Submission.


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