The Man with the Feather Hat

The Man with the Feather Hat

Once when I was driving home from work--I lived in a small village called Nautly reserve which is near Fraser lake B.C.-- I had just parked the car and was walking toward the door when I was stopped by a strange man who had a long black over coat and a very unusual hat.

It was unusual because I had never seen this kind of hat before. It had a very unusual feather on it and the hat itself was just that, a black hat.

Well he asked me a question "would you please drive me somewhere?" I replied, "well ,depends how far and where" he answered "OK I have to be near this place, but I don't know what it is called, but it is not far".

I said OK... I called my husband from my cell, and he came out, he said who are you driving? I said "he is here standing beside me" well he looked at me and said "who?"

I looked and there was no one there.

Boy, I sure got chills and ran to him. he said "it must have been that person who got killed just an hour ago". He had heard it on the news. Now isn't that strange??

Anonymous Submission.


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