The Ouija Board II

This is my second story about the Ouija board. This time I was with my childhood cousin. We were together since babies so you can imagine how close we are, almost like twins.

We never hide secrets from one another and that she knew I could sense and sometimes see things that were not human so she asked my help to assist her with her friend whom just lost a younger brother.

I agreed to do it due to the reason that was laid before me. Let’s named my cousin’s friend, Lina.

My cousin knew what happened about the last time that I used the Ouija board so she’s aware that I don’t want to do it anymore for a fact that I am not a professional when it comes to paranormal things.

But after talking to Lina, the urge of helping others made me do it. Lina lost her little brother, which is only 8 years old, in a hit and run accident.

Lina’s blaming herself for the death of her brother because she accidentally left their gate open while she was inside the house cooking for their lunch.

Lina is having some dreams of her little brother. In those dreams, he was crying, calling her name in a bloody face with a decapitated left arm.

She already confided about it to her parents and they told her that it was an accident and that it’s not her fault but she insist that she was haunted by her brother.

I was asked to play the board with her to summon her brother and asked for forgiveness, so we did.

We made it in her brother’s room. It was four of us, me, my cousin, Lina and her boyfriend which is close to her brother too.

I instruct them the basics in playing the board and warned them that whatever happens, to not let go of the glass until I say so. Beforehand, I asked some guide from my professor since like I said, I am not a pro on paranormal stuffs.

He shared his knowledge with me together with the rite or prayer that he did last time (which I cannot reveal here for some reasons that Ouija Board is really not safe to do).

Lina readied the things that we need and settled it then warned them that they need to focus on her brother.

I didn’t told Lina that I’ve seen a black shadow in their living room when we passed to it which means there’s another entity in their house and I knew right there and then that it was not her brother.

When were about to start, I saw the shadow that I’ve seen in their living room entered the room and stayed in the back corner of my cousin.

After the ritual, I’ve sensed the emotion, which I believed is coming from the shadow. It was annoyed, then I whisper, “ I meant no harm nor the people who’s with me now.

We just wanted to speak with (name of Lina’s brother). Now if you will interfere, I won’t think twice to take you out of this house!” then the shadow disappeared.

That time, I got the Talisman that was given to me by my Grandma inside my pocket together with my Grandma’s rosary (I always bring those everywhere I go).

After a couple of summoning, Lina’s brother came, I let Lina asked for I also told her that there’s a possibility that the one were talking to may not be her brother.

After we confirmed that it is her brother, Lina broke down and cried. Telling her brother how sorry she was and that she misses him so much together with their family especially their parents.

The glass moved back and forth to the letters in the board spelling J-U-S-T-I-C-E. Lina promised to him that they will not stop until justice took place for him.

We ended it with tears, for in that time, you could really feel the emotions hanging in that room. I was blowing out the lit of the candles when Lina spoke that after she bid goodbye to her brother, she felt a cold wind touching her cheeks.

I told her that she shouldn’t be worrying much and I really do hope that justice will be given to their family. The last time I heard from my cousin was that Lina and her family migrated to Australia right after the suspect was caught and got in to jail.

It was also shown on TV here in the Philippines because the suspect is a son of a Mayor somewhere in Visayas region. Then I promised to myself that THAT would be my last for the Ouija Board. 


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