The Ouija Board

I was about to share my Ouija Board experience. As we all know, Ouija is a mediator type of board in which people attempt to make contact with the dead.

I was in my college years when my professor wants us to make a short movie film that was base on reality of life.

It was like 5 of us in the group and since we were so gullible on things (having 2boys and 3girls including me) we decided to make a story about Ouija Board.

Details about it were already done. We even interview different people for us to make a survey if they were a believer or not of the said device.

We are on our last week of doing the report when one of my mates asked us why we don’t try it since we should give our own opinions about it. At first, we were against it.

We knew that it was too risky to try since we’ve already gathered details but our mate was so willing to try, he persuade us by telling that we will use extra precautions and that he will invite one of our professor (who was so close to us) to guide us.

Thinking that he has a point and that we really need to experience it in order for us to express our opinions, we decided to agree.

When we made sure that there were no more students, we made it in one of our rooms in school wherein we heard rumors that it was inhabited by a soul of a woman.

We made a pentagram sign in a broad sheet of paper, put 5 white candles in each points of the pentagram and seated in between of the candles. Since it was 6 of us, my professor decided to seat right next to me.

He told us to close our eyes and hold hands for him to start a prayer.

We heard him humming some words that we can’t understand. After the prayer, he told us to put our point fingers on top of the glass but not touching the peak of the said glass.

So we did, then he told us that he will try to call whatever we have in that room and warned us that whatever happens, we shouldn’t remove our fingers unless he says so. I looked at my friends and saw fear in their eyes.

I whisper a prayer in my head even if I’m tense because I knew what were doing is not right. I heard my professor spoke, “If anyone is in this room with us, give us a clue.”

He spoke for 4 times and nothing happens but on his 5th, I felt a cold breeze at my back. That eerie feeling that made my hair at the back stands up.

I knew it was not the typical ghost that I usually encounter. This one is strong, strong enough to hurt us.

My professor looked at me and I knew he can sense it too. It passes thru us from behind as I glance at my friends back I saw this black cloud forming a big head with eyes that was darker from its color flying back and fort.

Chills hit me from head to foot! When my professor spoke again for the 6th times, the glass moved to YES. I looked at my friends and fright was written all over their faces.

My professor asked again “Are you the lady who lives here?”.The glass moved to NO. That moment, I knew what were doing should be stopped. I was thinking that if that thing have answered YES, we can continue asking her but since its not HER, then were in big trouble.

I told my professor that we should stop and just release the soul or whatever it is in that glass which he agrees but before he makes a move, the glass frantically moving in circles which made my friends even more terrified.

“Don’t let go of the glass!!” as my professor told us then I heard him humming some words again that I couldn’t understand.

After 5 to 7 minutes, the glass stopped from moving and the lights of the candles died.

My professor hurriedly opens the light and looked at us one by one. “Well that’s one heck of an experience huh?” shrugging off that awkward feeling while smiling back at us.

After that incident, my friends never tried to play that game again.

As for me, I played it again for the second time together with my cousin in their place with a reason. Well that’s another story to tell next time 


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