The Poppers

The Poppers

Okay, so I realize this may not be really creepy to anyone else... 

My grandpere, Louis, passed away back in '07. Well, I should let you know he loved Jalapeno Poppers. Anyways, I was in my uncles living room, watching Tv with my aunt and the cats while we waited for the boys to come home.

While we were watching the Simpsons, the lamp flickered. My aunt didn't seem to notice(She fell asleep). I brushed it off as the lamp being old. Well, we were thawing out two boxes of poppers on the stove so we could microwave them because the stove didn't work.

The boxes, mind you, were laying flat. So imagine my surprise when I heard something hit the floor in the kitchen. Kirby, ever the curous little kitty, jumped and walked into the kitchen. I followed him, because I wanted to make sure nothing important fell.

Kirby's fur raised and he let out an angry meow before darting back into the living room.

I stared at the boxes of poppers, trying to figure out what had made them fall. Eventually I gave up and placed them back on the counter and made my way back to the couch. I got back into watching the simpsons, occasionally giggling at Homer picking on Flanders.

Well, I don't know if it was bad signal or something else, but when the grandpa showed on the screen, the cable cut to static. That Tv doesn't work anymore. Just plays static... I still to this day, can't figure out what happened, and don't know whether to chalk it all up to something paranormal, or assume it was just something like bad weather and the AC. 

Just to let you know, Yes, Grandpere is French. And, Louis, Is pronounced "Louie/Loo-ee". French family.

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