The Tapping Game

The Tapping Game

Another paranormal encounter occurring in my middle school years! How keen... 

I've had many succinct encounters -- in fact more so than memorable ones or those not worth mentioning -- that by now I was becoming accustomed to being visited by spirits than per usual.

Now mind you, I have always believed in ghosts because of many reasons, however, if something strange were to happen I was not the type to automatically point the finger of blame towards the paranormal.

Not everything that goes bump in the night is a paranormal occurance and not everything that causes you to feel short of breath or uneasy is, either.

But I do know that when something just cannot be proved wrong or explained away... it just might be otherwise. 

This story takes place a good while after the Hey Man, and in between then and here have been little unexplainable things happening from hearing people talking outside my door when I know for a fact it wasn't the television in the other room (because one: my hearing is excellent, and two: I checked); footsteps in my room; hearing my stuff being moved around and later find them placed somewhere else when I know neither my sister or myself touched anything (before I entered high school we shared a room and once she fell asleep there was no waking her even if the apocalypse were to come).

I wasn't spoken to that often but I could always feel when a spirit was near because I'm energy savvy; I can sense changes and feel if there's more or less beings in a room and sometimes I just flat out saw them.

Some were "shadow people" and others were just... spirits. I was never touched in any way. Well, until that day. 

My best friend at the time, Maria, and I were inseperable and have been friends since elementary school. I would frequently stay over at her house and we would play videogames, play outside, ride our bikes, watch movies, and the like.

We were tom boys and loved to be outdoors but mostly stayed inside at her place since it was always so bloody hot out.

I've never sensed anything off in her house when I was there and she never told me of anything ghostly ever happening to her, but she did mention how one of her Wiccan friends told her that there were spirits there. 

Seeing as Maria spent a huge chunk of her life in that house and she had nothing to back up that statement and how I never sensed or heard anything, I took her friend's assessment with a grain of salt.

Maria's father is a hard worker. A very hard worker. Like, he's rarely ever home because he works so hard.

Maria and I often had the house to ourselves and aside from outside noises and us talking, watching TV, or laughing, the house was pretty much a quiet, peaceful place. 

I was planning on spending the night at her house again and it was late afternoon.

We sat in her living room talking about people at school that irked us and what videogames we should play later on while we try to stay up as late as we could.

She was standing near her front door and my bum was parked on the arm of one of her couches.

I remember making a catty remark about somebody and while Maria giggled away, my ear got flicked. Hard. "OW!!!" I was so sure her dad was home and I just didn't realize, but when I turned around he wasn't there.

Nobody was. Maria was looking at me like I had, as Ralphie from A Christmas Story says, "lobsters crawling out of my ears." 

"Someone just flicked me!" I told her. "Is anyone here?" She shook her head. Soon after we both laughed about it, no longer weirded out but now suddenly thinking it was the neatest thing. And the grain of salt I took from her friend's comment was starting to taste a bit sweeter. 

When night time rolled around and we started to feel fatigued, we began the sleeping arrangements. Maria had a large bed, but by now we were too big to share it.

She had two mattresses stacked on top of each other and she said she would sleep on the floor and I could have her bed.

So, we lugged the top mattress to the floor, gathered extra blankets and pillows, got comfy, and said our goodnights. 

The next morning, I woke to the sound of tapping. I didn't open my eyes because I was totally overthrown by sleepiness... I knew it was really early in the morning and I shouldn't even be up so I tried drifting back into my slumber when from my left I heard a patting on the mattress.

Even though Maria was asleep beside me on the floor to my right, a part of my brain was thinking, "What the heck, Maria? Go back to sleep..." I tilted my head to the left. The tapping paused and then resumed to my right.

I tilted my head to the right side and the mattress tapper switched to the left again. Tap, tap..... tap, tap. 

By now I was no longer asleep and my eyes were open. The room had dawn pouring inside the window, so even though it was still a little dark in there I could still make out everything in the dim lighting.

I was really confused, still latching onto the idea that Maria was behind this even though when I looked over she was turned away from me fast asleep.

This game went on for about two more rounds and the tapper patted the left side again but on another spot and I heard a little girl giggle! 

"Okay," I thought. "What's going on?" I sat up to look at the source and I saw a small, gray shape on the corner of the bed. Whoever, or whatever, it was gasped and I got shoved back down to my back roughly.

I laid there with my eyes open wide as I tried to comprehend what just happened before pulling the covers up to my nose and leaning over the edge of the bed going, "Mariaaaaa!"

I don't know how to explain what being physically touched felt like... I didn't feel actual hands on me, but I felt the pressure of the hands as they pushed me away.

They didn't just touch my skin, either, but I felt it go even deeper than that, if that makes any sense. 

Well, by now I knew for sure it wasn't Maria due to the obvious, haha.

When I told her about it, she got nervous sleeping in her room afterward, but nothing happened to her and as far as I know (we haven't spoken much anymore) she still has yet to experience anything of the sort to what I had. 

So, what I gathered from those small chain of events was that there was just a mischevious child who wanted to play. I hoped to run into them again, but that was the first and the last time I experienced anything like this at her house. 

It was a little unnerving at the time but now it makes for a good story, don't ya think?

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