The Truth and Dangers of Ouija Boards

The Truth and Dangers of Ouija Boards

This is a real true personal experience. It may sound fake or far fetched, but I assure you its 100% real. 

Edited: Jan, 11, 2012. 

The Truth and Dangers of Ouija Boards 

Growing up in a Pagan home, ghosts and such were never new to me. I've seen them my entire life. It started before I could walk. To me talking to and seeing spirits, ghosts, entities and such was a normal part of my every day life.

However, certain things happened at different points in my life. Such as when I was six, my mother had an image of god and Jesus, where she got it or who gave it to her I don’t know. Anyway I saw demonic faces in the picture all the time, finally I told my mother and she removed it and that was that. 

When I was seven we moved two houses down and things were great for awhile then weird things started happening. When I was 14 my friend swore up and down she saw a dark figure behind me in my hallway with a knife raised to my back. It spooked me so, I would walk with my back to the wall. 

Anyone who came over would see red glowing eyes peeking out of my bedroom and then my door would slam shut, after awhile most of my friends refused to come over. I stopped sleeping in my bedroom because whenever I was in there I could never sleep, weird things always happened so I slept on the family room couch. 

Let’s fast forward a few years, I’m 18 now and living in Tennessee with my then fiancee (Sam) and his mother (Gail). One night she pulls out her spirit board, now its not a Ouija board but some other kind of spirit board. Right away things start happening.

I go into a trance and start talking about Gail’s dead sister whom I have never met or seen a picture of.

I describe her to a T. She asks Sam if I ever saw a picture of her, he says no and so I speak to her dead sister (Linda) and Gail becomes so upset because there was a gate and a spirit guardian blocking the way and would not let me communicate with her in depth. 

So Gail heads off to bed and Sam asks me do you want to continue, I agreed. We tried for about 20 minutes and no other spirits would come through, so Sam says I have an idea and leaves the room returning with a Ouija board.

He says this will work, so before starting he does a protection ritual and screws up and has to enter me into the ritual.

I gotta say it never did work. Right away two girls come through, one is 15 the other 19, they say that they are slave girls who were murdered. I wanted proof so I asked questions only the dead would know and got the right responses, so I was satisfied.

Then out of no where they just stopped talking and we tried getting them back and nothing, then another presence comes through and says his name is David. 

We spoke with David for some time but I started noticing lies and Sam left the room for a minute to use the bathroom and I confronted “David”. I said your name is not David and you are lying, he replies you caught me.

I said who are you really and he says Abanddon/Apollyon. I having no clue who that was continued to talk to him.

Sam returns and I told him what he said and Sam say’s that’s not funny Jenn knock it off. I said I’m dead serious and Abandon says she’s right, she’s not lying and Sam’s eyes got so wide and he looked terrified.

I asked him what was wrong and he says we’re ending this now and Abanddon says No! Sam says its done and before Abanddon could do anything Sam ends it, shoving the pointer on goodbye. I asked him what was wrong and he wouldn't tell me. 

Later that night we were in bed and he’s reading and I’m asleep, I wake up to this sound. It sounds like growling and talking, I look over in the corner and there by the closed door corner is a black robed figure.

I try to scream, move anything and I cant. For some reason it chose the grim reaper look, scythe and all. It slowly moves towards me till its sitting on my stomach and pinning me down.

I can’t move, talk or anything and completely terrified, he’s sitting there breathing in me and my first thought was the dead don’t breathe. He becomes distorted and turns into the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

He looks completely human, except for those red goat-slitted eyes. He smiles at me and bends down and says to me You are mine!

By this time I’m so scared I’m crying and fighting to move to say anything to get Sam’s attention. That’s when he tells me his name, now this name I cannot reveal. Its an intimate name and I had to promise to never tell it to get him to go away.

Finally I’m able to move and I lunge for Sam and told him what happened, he comforted me and told me it’d be ok. For awhile it was. 

Then one night Sam’s mom sends him to their other home to get things turned on because we were moving, she hated the mobile home. With Sam gone I refused to sleep in the bedroom, so I set myself up on the living room couch.

Around 2-3:30 am, about 6 hours after Sam leaves, I had the urge to look at the door and that was a mistake.

There he was again, staring at me with the diamond shaped window. I say loudly to him: You are not welcome, leave now! He laughs and turns from that skeleton face to beautiful face with the red goat slitted eyes and says to me again.

You are mine, I will have you no matter the cost! I yelled No! He laughs and vanishes. 

We move a short time later and I didn't see him for awhile, then one night out of no where there he was. He was very angry like a jealous lover. He says to me, you left. I said yes and he says I have been looking for you.

I told him that was too bad, he became angrier and pinned me to the wall and kisses me telling me I’m his and I tell him No. Sam comes into the hall and see’s me pinned there and freaks out lunging for Abanddon, only he laughs and disappears. 

More time goes by and no Abanddon and things seem good, then one night Sam is shoved down the stairs and when I went to help Sam, Abanddon becomes enraged and jealous.

Refusing to let me help Sam. Finally I shouted at Abanddon telling him that he will never have me and he looks at me and to this day I will never forget the look on his face.

He looked broken-hearted and sad. It shocked me that I was frozen there and he gently touched my face then disappeared. I went to help Sam and he was ok. 

Not long after that his mom pulled her crap about me having to leave for the second time, so I packed my stuff, called my parents and arranged for them to come get me. A few months after I’m home, who shows up?

Abanddon and by this time I’m so used to him I simply say Abanddon you are not welcome here leave my house. He laughs and bows saying for now I will leave my love and leaves. 

Months go by and nothing, then one night he returns while I’m asleep and he marks my ring finger, wakes me up and holds my hand up to show me and says that now I am officially his.

I still have the mark and to this day he still follows me. The mark is very faded, you really have to look to see it. The CREEPY part, he mixed our blood together. Now we will ALWAYS know where each other are, I can feel his energy, where he is, where he will go, just as he will always know where I am, where I go.

We are connected in ways that is beyond anything mortal. 

Updated: Jan, 11, 2012. 

Much has changed since I originally wrote this when I was 18. Yes, It wasn't put out till 2010, but still so much has changed since. I no longer need to ward my house or keep him out. The bond has grown and we protect each other, call upon each other in aid. I still fully agree with NOT playing with the Ouija Board.

You most likely will NOT get a Demon that has been around you from the instant you were created and always around you after you were born. With my research I have learned a great deal and have grown so much.

Still, I strongly suggest that you NEVER play with any board. Because stuff like this does happen and while I was lucky, you might not me. This is still my true story of why you should never play with Ouija Boards, you just might find yourself permanently attached to a demon. 

Added: Jan, 11, 2012. 
With my research, studying, and practices I've learned a great deal. 

by Jennifer L. Spires, Copyright 2010

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Try tapping on one. Let us know how you feel about this article!


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