The TV Room

The TV Room

I have a good friend named Cody. He has always been honest, hardworking, and for the most part, pragmatic. But none of that really matters; at the end of the day he’s a good friend and I trust him and take him at his word.

Cody, though I actually never call him by that name normally (we typically use nick names), is originally from a medium sized city in Florida.

Whenever we talked about the existence of ghosts, he was never convinced. He said he believed that if ghosts were real and we went looking for ghosts they would appear to us. So in a way, he wanted to either prove or disprove their existence by going out and looking for them.

We eventually went on several ghost hunts in England in several creepy places that were supposedly haunted, and we were never able to experience something that was a tell-tale sign of ghostly activity.

There was one exception when we were out and we heard a terrifyingly strange sound. At that time we were out on the south-eastern coast of England in an abandoned middle-aged city. We never saw anything however.

Cody, once had said he had a very strange experience, but he didn’t believe it to be ghost-related activity. When I heard this story, I wasn’t really sure either, but it sure seems odd. He said that one day he was sitting in his TV room alone in his house in Florida and was watching TV.

He said from the couch you could see down the hallway and into the boiler room, where you could glimpse through the crack of the door and see a light bulb hanging there.

While he was sitting there, he noticed a strange glow coming from the room. He said the light bulb began to produce a reddish-orange glow. At this point he started to look intently at it, when all of the sudden it began to swing.

He said at that point the bulb continually got dimmer and redder, then it exploded, and immediately at that moment the door slammed shut as if someone had pulled it. He told me at this time there were no windows or doors open.

Cody still isn’t sure what he saw, or what it meant, or if it meant anything, but it’s certainly a strange experience.

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