About seven-eight years ago, two very important members of my family passed. No, not human members, but my extremely loving cat and dog passed within approximately a month between one another.

My cat, Stripes had passed due to a rough child birth; none of the kittens survived. She lived for a few more days after, then eventually vanished and never returned. Since she was, and still is, the most favorite feline I'd ever had, I grieved daily for months after (still to this day I'll cry if I think too much about her).

Stripes and Fluffy (my dog) were the best of friends, and after Stripes passed, Fluffly was clearly lost and moped around for the remainder of her life. I take 100% of the blame for the death of Fluffy. 

One night, my eldest brother's ex and myself were out walking with Fluffy. A dog came along and they seemed to be enjoying one another's company. We were ready to go inside but I felt that Fluffy deserved a play mate, since her best friend had recently passed.

I let her go off with this dog and went inside, thinking nothing of it. About an hour later, there's a knock on the door. Upon answering, the police notified us that Fluffy had been hit near the highway.

Without even grabbing my shoes or knowing where to go, I bolted through the door and began running as fast as I'd ever run up the streets, looking for her.

Luckily my brother's ex knew where it was and we ended up finding it. When I saw Fluffy, I began to sob hysterically and punched someone's trailer right in front of the cops, I did not care about anything at this point aside from my dog.

She was paralyzed from the waist down. She kept trying to drag herself back home but I had to keep her there, which broke my heart the most. She was so afraid and only wanted to go home. A friend took her in his van to the vet's and I went back home and eventually fell asleep. 

The next morning, my mother woke me with the question: "Do you want to go to school today?" I asked her why and she replied: "They had to put Fluffy down, she would never be able to walk again." Well, I cried my eyes out and did so for a great while. 

One night, I was sitting at the kitchen table talking to my mom about Fluffy when all of a sudden a huge white figure jumps up against the door. You could clearly see the figure and it certainly made a noise.

My mother and I looked at one another and began to cry. We instantly knew that it was Fluffy, trying to get inside just as she had when she was alive.

I don't remember anyone opening the door, but I would have if I were at my age now. My mother, that night, informed me that she'd been feeling something jump on the bed near me and could hear distinct purring. Stripes as well had returned for me. 

I know this story is sloppily written compared to my others, but I'm running out of time. I will admit that I am also verging on tears and wish to end the story here. I just hope that when my time comes, they'll be waiting for me.

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