They're All Around Us

They're All Around Us

I wanted to write this, not only because I'm bored only because this is what's happening. There are demons and ghosts. We should all know whats the difference between a demon and a ghost, right?

Well, for those of you who don't know...a ghost is the dead that has to use energy to manifest themselves to to speak/interact with the living.

A demon is more complicated than anything else in the world. They are hard to understand as they speak differently. 

They can also possess everyone as well. I've seen it. My cousin is also facing the same. Everyday he is alone, he hears a lot of activity around him.

It has once attacked him.

I tried myself to communicate but it attacked me as well. so for all you people out there that face the same thing... be careful with what you're messing with.

They can too possess you as well. Thank you for reading my blog. and as for all you know my grandpa did the same. he did an exorcism as well.

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