Things Happening in My House

Things Happening in My House

I have been living in my current house for nearly 10 years now. We remodeled before we moved in. As you all know, many people say that this can trigger paranormal activity. Since we moved in there has been things happening. It started out as really simple, common occurences.

Sounds of someone going up and down the stairs, sounds of someone clearing their throat or coughing. 

Then when I was a senior is high school (2005) I remember coming home and my mom (who never believe anything my brother and I told her about the house) seemed pretty shaken up and told me that my little cousin Kaegan, who was 2 at the time, was talking to as he said "some lady."

My mom asked him what the lady looked like and he described Mrs. Cheney, the lady who lived in the house before we did. He described her in such detail it was amazing for a 2 year old. Especially when Mrs. Cheney died two years before Kaegan was born.

Then about a week later I was home after school and my mom yelled upstairs for me, and when I asked what she needed she said Kaegan was doing it again.

So I walked downstairs and sat with Kaegan at the bottom of the stairs and asked him what was going on. He answered "I'm talking to this lady" and I asked where she was and he pointed right in front of us. Then I asked what she was doing here and he said "right now she's staring at you."

Which that was creepy enough, but a few days later my mom told me after I got home from school that Kaegan walked out to the door in the kitchen, opened it up, then shut it.

He then walked to our sliding glass door in the dining room, waved, and didn't mention Mrs. Cheney again. Things at the house pretty much stopped after that. Until about three years ago. I noticed things started happening again.

I was working third shift at the time, and got home around 7:00 am. After I would get home and be cleaning up, several times I heard someone coming down the stairs, and would think it was my mom waking up so I would go to talk to her and there would be nobody there.

After about two months after all this was going on, I heard my cousin Kaegan telling another one of my cousins that Mrs. Cheney was back.

I also got my kitten Aly at this time, and there were times that I thought I would hear something, and I would see Aly reacting to the sound as well so I knew I wasn't "just hearing things." Things started picking up then.

Different things started happening, too. My brother and I were watching tv in the living room and we heard something breaking in the kitchen. We went to check it out and found a glass that was in the sink was laying broken in front of the kitchen door, about three feet from the sink.

I heard a woman crying in my mother's room while my mom was at work. 

Then once again, things settled down. We still frequently heard someone walking through the house, but there wasn't anything extremely impressive going on. Then about a month ago things started up again.

Alyssa was going to the bathroom and she saw a shadow going from the living room toward the bathroom. She thought it was me walking upstairs and asked me about it, but I told her I never left my room and I proved to her that even if I did my shadow wouldn't show up downstairs from the light in the stairway.

Now she won't even walk downstairs to go to the bathroom by herself when she stays with me on the weekends...I have seen this shadow myself since she mentioned it and Alyssa has seen it again.

I was in my brother's room talking to him when I looked out the doorway and saw someone walking in front of the window in my room. My mom, my uncle, and I were sitting in the living room talking when my uncle jumped up and looked out in the dining room behind us.

He said that he saw a woman walking through the dining room in the reflection of the tv.

Last weekend I bent over to pick something up off the floor, and I heard something clearly growling in my ear. The only thing I can think of was that Mrs. Cheney had a Pitbull when she was alive. This is the only time something happened that made me think of her dog.

Then just last night I had two experiences, I was in the dining room pouring a glass of tea and I looked through the archway into the living room and saw someone looking around the archway and when I saw them they retreated.

Then as I was walking through the living room to go back upstairs, my mom's one plant shook as if someone had brushed up against it as they were walking by. 

That's just a quick run down of things that have happened over the past 8 years. Let me know what you think. I will try to write up more stories about things that have happened in the other places I've lived. I've had paranormal experiences in every house I lived in.

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