Things of the Night

Things of the Night

My mother is in the hospital. (She's having her baby soon.) I was spending the night with her, so she needn't be alone. She had no room mates and all of our family was in Orange County. So it was just me and my mom. 

She was watching a video on how to crochet so she could make a blanket for baby Zi when he was born. I was tired, so I told her I woukld pull out the chair and hit the hay. 

A few minutes later, I was lying down on the lumpy grey pullout chair with a scratchy red blanket and a plastic pillow underneath my head.

I went to youtube on our laptop, and tried to fall asleep listening to the soothing and creepy voice of Mr. CreepyPasta. I woke up at what felt like a few minutes later, but my phone clock said it was 5 hours later.

It was nearly 4.00 AM. I sat up. My mother was asleep, the TV was off, and Mr.CP was telling me the story of Jeff the Killer.

I would have went to sleep if not for the glow seeping under the door. Obviously, its normal for there to be light in the hall.

It's a hospital. But the lights were usually lemony yellow. This light seemed nearly...silver. I got up and crept to the door. I pulled it open a bit and peeked into the hallway.

There were no nurses in sight, and the hallway was darker than normal. So where did this silvery light come from? I decided to go check it out.

I stepped back in the room and pulled on my shoes, threw on my jacket, and grabbed my phone. I walked into the hallway. The nearest nurse was maybe 100 feet away, and she was already turning a corner away from me.

So I was by myself. Just me, the dark hallway, and the silver light. Then, as I was about to turn back into my moms room, I saw something that made my blood run cold.

There isn't any way to really describe it without going into severe detail, so I suppose thats what I have to do. 

It sort of looked like a chiauaua (I don't know how to spell that..chiwawa xP) and a kangaroo put together. It had long, hairy brown hind legs, and just its hind legs made it tower over me. I'm 5"6.

Its body was fat and it sort of reminded me of a turkey. It had long yellow claws. It wasn't as if the claws were its nails, but its fingers were long and sharp.

Like it had knives for fingers. Its neck added on another foot or so. It was about 10 feet tall. Its head...thats what made me run into the room, slam the door, and lock it.

Its face was long, sleek and pointy. The fur was reddish brown. The mouth was stretching from laid back ear to laid back ear, and it reminded me of Kuchisake-onna.

The teeth were dark yellow, like a dogs, and were razor sharp. I could see that, even at the twenty foot distance between us. But its eyes...those eyes...thats whats haunted me for the past week.

I can't describe them. One was completely covered over in white like it had a big cataract and it was emitting the silver light. The other was filled with malice and hate, and just looked deep and soulless.

They were pitch black, and didnt even have whites to them. There were bright red veins running aross them, and by bright I mean BRIGHT. Like, traffic light red. 

It was opening each patients door, walking in, and coming back out. I knew it would come in here, and I doubted that a lock would stop it.

I woke my mother, I made her run out of bed and check the hallway. 

Every door was closed and undisturbed. The thing was gone. The nurses were there, and the lights were back to their lemon color. I know it wasn't a dream. 

Why was I the only one to see this creature? Has anyone else seen it? And why was it here, stalking pregnant women? 

I guess I'll never know. 

-----ADD ON----- 
They just announced over the loud speakers that a great tragedy has befalled the 3rd floor. All the women who's room I had seen the thing enter had had miscarriges. 

I don't think this is the end of the thing that stalks the hospital at night.

Anonymous submission.


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