This Absolutely Freaked Out My Wife!

The other night my wife and I were driving the grueling seven miles home from my sister's house after a couple day visit with her, her husband, and their daughter. About 2 miles from my house is a straight stretch of road that has houses and dirt roads on one side and thick woods on the other. We were on this stretch of road when I saw a car cross the road from one of the dirt roads on the 'inhabited' side.

She didn't think much of it as its a relatively busy road at all hours due to the close proximity to a few major factories/warehouse type businesses. Me, being the nosy git that I am, just had to know where they were headed. When we got to the road they crossed from, I looked across the road and noticed only woods. Thick woods. Too thick to drive a car through. I looked ahead of me and there were no cars on the road we were on and no dust clouds from the vehicle having turned onto one of the other roads. The car had vanished. I informed my of what had just happened and she said "Oh, God, don't tell me that!" 

A bit later on that same night we were in bed sleeping when both of us were woken up by the TV. She started yelling at me for leaving the set on. I defended myself saying I had gone straight to bed when we got home. I went into the living room and the TV, the satellite receive, and the surround sound system were all powered off. I turned them all on and realized that somehow the audio from 'Ancient Discoveries' on History International had been coming through appliances that were turned off. I turned them all back off and the sound stopped. This may have just been appliance malfunction, but it scared the crap out of my wife. It still happens every so often.


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