Top 6 Most Haunted Universities in the Philippines

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Ateneo De Manila University
The university was run by Jesuit priests and was fairly new when you compare it to the Ivy League schools in the USA.

The land where the university now stood was apparently either a prison camp or a war hospital during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines back in World War two.

Many believe that the said University was haunted due to incidents reported by the students and even Professors. 

There’s this occurrence in the hallway of the girls dorm building that a certain woman was crying.

It will be getting louder and louder for about 15 minutes and then it will stop but after you would heard her cry, a howling dog will be the next thing you would hear.

The students were advised that no one should be out in the hallway after 10pm in the evening. 

Central Philippine University, Iloilo City (Football Field, Ruby Hall, Valentine Hall)
Iloilo City’s Central Philippine University (CPU) could very well be called Spook Central University.

There are half a dozen or so ghosts that are regularly sighted by students, teachers, and even the school president.

The school was founded by American Missionaries, many of whom were reportedly executed by the Japanese during World War II. 

Football Field - If you are out jogging on the CPU football field early in the morning don’t be surprised if you are joined by a young lady who strikes up a conversation.

When she passes a certain spot on the track, Poof! she suddenly disappears. 

Ruby Hall - is a medical center where cadavers are kept and is one of the most haunted places on the university.

Students and teachers report cold spots and moving furniture in one of the classrooms and sometimes feel like they are being pushed or tripped while walking.

Some nights after the doors are locked the classroom’s lights suddenly turn on. Strange elf-like creatures have been seen running around the room. 

Valentine Hal - For more than thirty years female students have reported seeing a ghost in the women’s restroom of Valentine Hall.

She suddenly appears in the mirror behind them while they are doing their make up or fixing their hair - truly, a hair-raising experience! The girls’ screams interrupt classes all up and down the hall.

If that wasn’t enough, the headless specter of the Reverend Valentine can be seen on certain nights standing at the entrance of the building dedicated to him.

If you went to school in Manila you may already know about the scholarly-inclined spirits inhabiting many of the schools there. 

U.P. Diliman (University of the Philippines)
There have been ghost sightings at the University of the Philippines’s College of Education, College of Science Library, Palma Hall, College of Mass Communication, and even the UP Main Library. 

The College of Music has an 8:00 pm curfew, so everyone must leave the premises by that time.

Some janitors claim, however, that they have heard some pianists ardently practicing their art after curfew hours, only to see no one at the piano when they went to investigate.

The biggest gong in the gamelan room ensemble reportedly vibrates by itself at midnight every evening. 

Benitez Hall, Vinzon’s Hall and the Sampaguita dorm all have stories of their own.

Two students once spotted Dean Benitez (after whom the College of Education gets its name) observing one of the new professors in her class—a practice he regularly engaged in when he was alive on Earth. 

The Vinzon’s Hall comfort room reportedly has a girl hanging from the ceiling. Dormers have also reported mysterious presences appearing in the mirror, supposedly smiling at them or even praying the rosary with them. 

A similar story is going the rounds of the Diliman campus of the University of the Philippines.

It is said that a male student went to one of the comfort rooms inside Palma Hall. Usually, bathrooms in Palma Hall have a rest area with benches that face a mirror.

The student who, probably came too early for his class, sat on one of the benches and read up on the day’s topics. 

After a while, the student fell asleep, still facing the mirror. After a few minutes, he woke up, gazed at the mirror, and was petrified.

In his reflection in the mirror, a demon sat next to him. But when he looked beside him, he found nothing. Scared out of his wits, the student closed his eyes and started praying the Lord’s Prayer.

“Our Father, Who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy Name…” He was interrupted in mid-prayer when something touched his forehead.

When he opened his eyes, he saw the demon. And this time, it wasn’t just in the mirror.

The being was now sitting beside him, pointing a finger on his forehead. Then the demon started doing something unheard of. Looking menacingly, the being started to mimic the student.

It chanted, “Our Father, Who art in heaven, hollowed be Thy Name…”

Miriam College, Quezon City (1st floor Cafeteria, Caritas Building, CSC, Highschool AV Room, Immaculate Heart of Mary Hall, Miriam of Nazareth Hall) 
Over in Quezon City at Miriam College (MC), a nun haunts the ladies comfort room of the Caritas building. She is said to peek over the stall while girls are using the toilet.

Like something out of the popular film Feng Shui, a vaporous face is seen above the door, but no feet are seen below the door.

In another bathroom related incident, a demon reportedly came out of one the toilet bowls in the bathroom in MC’s Miriam of Nazareth Hall one day.

A student, who was washing her hands at a nearby sink, fell to her knees and prayed intensely until the demon disappeared.

A group of young girls once claimed that they encountered a crying spirit in MC’s Immaculate Heart of Mary Hall that scratched their ankles while they were dancing. 

The spirit then told the girls to cover their name tags and never say their names except in class.

The girls didn’t know why the spirit instructed them to do so but they did as they were told. The spirit then vanished.

Even the campus itself has its specters. The spirit of an MC student that was hit and killed by a car inside the campus is sometimes reported roaming the university grounds at night. 

The story of the PIPAC building is a classic one. Chemistry majors know that the oxygen in the building is routinely sucked out to prevent highly flammable chemicals from turning it into a fireball.

Unfortunately, a janitor was at the wrong place at the wrong time when one such vacuum process took place. 

The story goes that he repeatedly tried to call for help by frantically waving his arms and banging in front of the window, but he suffocated before help arrived.

When they found him, his sightless eyes stared up at them in anguish. Word has it that his restless spirit still occupies the building. 

Some of the other halls reportedly have stories of their own. It is said that the spirit of the late Father Eliazo is still roaming Bellarmine Hall.

The stairs of Gonzaga Hall are also worthy of the Twilight Zone: they say that if you climb them at night, you’ll always end up at the landing of the second floor no matter what you do.

University of Santo Tomas, Manila
Thousands of people reportedly died within the walls of UST before the grounds became home to the school.

Its centuries-old history (it was once used as an internment camp during the Japanese occupation era) offers a plethora of secrets and tales, including that of a long-dead Dominican priest reportedly walking along Benavides Park at midnight, nodding at passers-by. 

The security guard known as “Mang Ambo” was fond of pulling pranks during his lifetime—and beyond. A janitor went to the comfort room in the wee hours of the morning to wash his face.

He claimed that the lights went on and off, only to find no one there when he investigated. The interesting thing is that he received phone call moments later that announced Mang Ambo’s death in a freak accident. 

Since the University of Santo Tomas is the oldest university in Asia, it does not exactly suffer from a dearth of ghosts stories.

Here, there’s the story about a female student who at a very late hour went to one of the first-floor bathrooms of UST’s Main Building, that ancient massive building we see in the middle of the campus. 

The student washed her face and as she looked up to the mirror, she saw the dark figure of a lady, and gasped. No one was in the room except her.

Thinking a little divine intervention would help, the girl started praying the Lord’s Prayer.

But midway through the prayer, she stopped. It seemed that somebody was praying with her, repeating the syllables of the prayer like an echo.

When she looked at the mirror, she found that the black lady was still there, praying with her! 

Finally, stories are also told of the spirit of a brokenhearted young lady who weeps in Room 406 of the St. Raymund’s Building—the same place from which she jumped to her death after hearing of her parents’ planned separation. 

Irregular student

A most interesting ghost incident took place at the College of Saint Benilde. Many of the people who swear the incident really happened are still in the school.

It all started when a certain marketing class started a new semester. Since CSB has block sections, everybody in the room already knew each other. 

But on this first meeting in the new semester, the whole class noticed a new girl who sat in the back rows. The girl looked weird.

Every piece of her clothing was black. Thinking she was just another irregular student, the classmates dismissed her and just went on with their work. 

After two weeks of sitting silently in the back of the class, the professor finally spotted her and shot a question.

With this, stood up and slowly walk toward the front of the class. Thinking the girl had a long recitation in mind, nobody in the class found what she did unusual. 

But as she got near the front of the class, she started going through the class—literally going through the students like they weren’t there. And when she got to the podium, she went through the professor.

She did this in plain sight of every student in the room. Then she went through the white board behind the professor and vanished. 

Curtain call 
In the middle of a UP Repertory theatre production at the Wilfredo Maria Guerrero Theater, a girl in tattered clothes suddenly went on stage and started weeping.

The girl talked of heartbreak and sadness, which were not exactly parts of the plays plot. 

But the crowd didn’t care. The girl gave such bravura performance that she was sent off with an ovation. The strange thing is nobody in the play’s cast knew the girl.

And nobody knew how she got on stage. And at the end of the performance, it was announced that the girl’s part was not in the original story.

A janitor later recognized the girl as someone who killed herself in the theater years ago. 

It seems that just about every school in the country has its own ghostly tales.

So, the next time you are visiting your old school and feel a sudden cold chill or see a strange shadow, don’t worry, it’s probably just the spirit of a former student visiting its alma mater!

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