Up Until Today

Up Until Today

I've been skeptical of ghosts up until a few months ago. But looking back, it seems like a possible haunting has been in my family for as long as I can remember. 

It started slowly. In 2000, in our "old house" as we call it, I didn't notice much. I was young, after all. But one of my sisters remembers one thing. A "static-y figure" as she described it walked into the girls' bedroom and faded away. 

Nothing happened that I can recall until we lived in Kokomo, Indiana while our house was being rerenovated. Once again, I don't remember much.

It was only a year later, still very young. My mother frequently heard "the hum" and she said she felt very haunted there. Need I add that the house we were living in was my late Grandmother's house? 

Nothing happened for years after that. This must have been 2009. My sister and I were sitting in our old rabbit barn when we heard knocks all along the walls. The air was still and no one was there. 

Then, one night, I didn't want to go to sleep bu it was my bedtime so I sat under the covers and stared at the wall. Suddenly, this figure appears, much like my sister described years ago.

It's head was long, maybe it was a bit tall. It slowly took a few steps and disappeared. Once again, not much happened for a few years. I don't remember the exact dates but these are in 2011 and 2012. 

One day, I was making a snack.

I went to the spare fridge in another room because the one in the kitchen was broken. When I came back, a shadow ran from the kitchen and into the living room. I abandoned my snack and went upstairs. 

One night, again not tired but had to go to bed, I stared at the wall. I suddenly see a light, it was like a shadow but, light, per se, it wad the shape of a body. It stay for a brief moment, and then disappeared. My brother has seen something like this. He said he saw a shadow walk through him! 

A few times, the unexplainable smell of raw meat lingered in my room. 

One night I had a dream about these two men I didn't know. I couldn't see their faces. They were playing the "wake Berea up" game. Everytime they'd wake me up in the dream, I would actually wake up. This went on several times that night until I finally said stop 

Once I heard my name be called. It sounded like a whisper but louder. My brother has heard the same thing. One night while watching tv alone downstairs, I heard heavy footsteps.

Assuming this was one of my brother's, I look behind me and nobody was there. 

My sister claims to be haunted. It started when she was living with a guy who use to play with Ouija boards. Well, she had a few experiences but she never told me.

Well, one night when she was waiting for Christmas, she had to share a bed with me. When trying to sleep, I felt like something was hugging my neck, per se. Just a bit of pressure on it. 

One day, my mother was making yogurt. She placed it in a Tupperware container and tightly sealed the lid (very tightly, I heard it lock in) and a few minutes later the lid flew off and went a few feet. No one was near it! 

Just a few nights ago, I was still awake, not tired, so I kept the light on. I had nothing better to do than just lay in bed so that's what I did.

All of the sudden I hear this low humming, similar to the one described in Kokomo. It wasn't a bug or a car etc. And I see these shadows moving quite swiftly along the walls, as if someone was walking beside my bed.

Something comes over me. I couldnt move or speak. I can only gather enough strength to move my legs away from the edge. This went on for what seems like an hour. I don't know how long exactly. Then there's nothing. I'm certain that wasn't a dream. 

I'll post my next experience later.

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