Visit to Castelow Hammock Park

To begin with, my family and I are very sensitive to paranormal things and are very spiritual. My mother for example is the most spiritual of the whole family and is a psychic medium. Anyways, I usually don't have that many experiences since I am scared of it, if I wasn't so scared I'm pretty sure I would have a lot of experiences and I would be able to develop a lot.

Now to the point, one day while me and my fellow classmates went to a field trip to a park called Castelow where we learned a little bit of the history. 

I learned that the land was bought by Spaniards when they first came to Florida, but originally belonged to the Native Americans of that area. As we came close to the end of the nature walk, I wandered off alone for 5 minutes. I wasn't far away from the group but I'm a very curious, adventurous person...I suddenly got this feeling of being watched but I ignored it, I kept on looking I turn my head to the left quickly, for a split second, I saw what looked like a native American on top of a tree trunk crouched down on one leg while the other one was extended. 

I could not see his face completely since it was kind of blurry but I did see his eyes and they were completely focused on me! I was so freaked out, and managed not to tell anyone since they might have thought I was crazy...later on, I asked my mother, why me, why did I have to see that?

What was the point and why was he starring at me in that way? It wasn't an evil stare, but more of like what am I doing. OH there was a student with us that was native American of the Seminole but I don't think that makes a difference since he was observing me.

I need answers from someone who is experienced.



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