Waving Hi

This story is about my oldest boy when he was younger. It all started when we moved into our brand new double wide. he was only 10 months old. he will crawl to the end of the hallway entering the living room and sit up waving to the corner on the other side of the room. I never saw anyone or anything there.

It would almost everyday up until he was about 3 years old. He is now going to be 5. My husband did not believe me as he thought I was just saying things until he experienced it himself when my son was about 2 1/2 years old. He even said it was kinda freaky.

Because as he was waving and you called his name he would not look at you or even move which seemed like forever. What ever he waved to was kind and never hurt anyone or anything.

As many of you may of heard of the boating accident by the Jessop Club in September 2005, it was my Uncle and his cousin who did not survive. My aunt and the other women did. My uncle never did get to see the inside of my new house b/c we moved in after his death.

He was my favorite uncle and he loved my son. I do believe it was him paying us a visit and to this day even though my son does not wave to the corner I do believe that my uncle comes to visit.

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