What Does all this Mean?

What Does all this Mean?

My name is Mykaela and this has happened recently...actually about 15 minutes ago. I'm sitting on the edge of my bed letting my feet dangle over while i watch tv.

The house I live in now is fairly small and has 3 bedrooms all connecting into the living room so when I look out my bedroom door, all I see is a dark hallway. I hear a big crash like glass breaking. 

I jump up and walk into the kitchen to see my grandma's fine china broken. Thing is, the glass is so high up on the shelf I have to stand up on a stool to reach it and plastic cups form a protective line so someone would had to have grabbed the stool and moved the plastic cups just to throw it down.

After I swept up the cup, I heard a door slam and laughter. Ughh I was screaming!! So I walked back to my room and the closet doors were all open. I have double door closets.

Also the blanket had been thrown off of my bed and the pillows (all 4 of them) were lined up in a perfect Z. Suddenly I heard a tapping on my window and the blinds flew up showing me that someone was blocking out all the early morning light. 

Screaming, I ran to into the room next door to mine and turned the light on inside...all my little sisters posters were tore in half and her glass lamp broken in 2.

Her blanket ripped off...also her pillows also forming a perfect Z. I went to her bedside table and I saw the photo of her and me on the swings and my face had an big X on my face only.

As I stared at the photo, it slid off of the bedside table with a big crack. So im beginning to think that the ghost is only after me. After all that I got in the shower and found three long scratch marks forming a smiley face on my back.

Anonymous Submission.


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