What Happened?

I want to begin this article by explaining three things;
  1. The house in question is definitely haunted. I have known this for as long as I have known the girl who lives there.
  2. The haunting that we previously knew about is NOT malovelent in the slightest.
  3. I do not scare easily, but I was terrified on this night.

A couple of weeks a go, I went to a sleepover at my best friend's house. I've been friends with this girl for around five years now and have known for almost that long that the house is haunted. The old lady who lived in that house previously fell down the stairs and died, and she is still very much present in the house.

Her presence is not a malevolent one - in fact it's quite the opposite. There is something almost safe and reassuring about knowing Olive is watching over you. It's almost as if she's taking care of you in a grandmotherly fashion. However, the events that occured on that night lead me to believe there may be some other kind of haunting in the house.

It was a Saturday night, the host's mother was not home - naturally, being teenagers, we had something of a party. One of the girls, Jordan, had said right from the start of the night that she "didn't feel right" in the house.

Jordan and the host have been friends for years and Jordan only lives over the road; this house is like a second home to her. At around 1:30AM the only boy at the party, Stephen, had to go home and, as he only lives around the corner, we offered to walk him there.

On the way back, Jordan seriously contemplated going home herself, but couldn't as she didn't have her housekey on her and didn't want to wake her parents at this hour. Instead she came back to the host's house with us, after we reassured her that it was just the alcohol making her feel that way.

At about two o'clock, we began to settle down into our night things and we put a film on the television (Mean Girls.) The host, Abigail, and another girl, Kelsey, went upstairs to get Abi's night things but didn't come back down. After about ten minutes I went upstairs to check what was taking them so long and discovered they'd both fallen asleep.

I told the other two girls, Darcey and Jordan, and we carried on watching the film. I began to drift off myself and was not really focused on my surroundings and so I wasn't a witness to the first event. But at around 2:30 both Jordan and Darcey said they heard a loud "horror movie like" scream coming from upstairs.

Darcey said it sounded like Abi, so we decided it would be the best thing to go up and check on the girls (Abi often has bad dreams and she may have needed comforting from one of these.) However, when we went to check, both were still flat out asleep.

It is relevant later for me to point out now that the house is laid out in such a way that we could see into Abi's bedroom from being about three-quarters of the way upstairs, and so none of us actually went inside the room. We went downstairs and tried to work out where the scream had come from.

There is a teenage girl living next door on one side and a woman on the other, so I theorized that it could've been either of them but the girls were insistent it was too clear to have come through a wall. We then realised that the living room window was open and decided it was probably a drunk woman outside.

The second event happened about ten minutes later. Abi's two brothers have bedrooms in the attic, which has a steep narrow staircase leading up to it. From there we heard a loud banging, as if someone had droppeed something heavy, like a bowling bowl, down those stairs and it had bounced to the bottom.

Abi then came downstairs and asked us why we'd been banging. We explained that we hadn't and that we thought it'd come from upstairs. Abi began insisting that the banging, along with the scream, was probably the neighbours having another of their violent arguments, but she did not sound very convinced in her own stories.

Shortly after, Kelsey came downstairs, and we explained to her what had happened. We had not told Abi about coming in to check on them and she said "Which one of you leaned over me?" - none of us went into the room. Kelsey quickly jumped in saying it was probably her kicking the duvet off but again, nobody was convinced.

Later, Abi told us that she had heard humming and, seeing how scared Jordan was at this point, Darcey and I quickly told Abi that it was me coming upstairs to the toilet. It was not. She said it was tuneless humming, more like an annoying sound than a song.

About ten minutes after, Kelsey and Abi went to the kitchen and left Jordan Darcey and I alone in the living room again. The lights in the living room went off not only once but twice of their own accord. This was not a fault in the electrics; the television, a phone charger and the fishtank filter remained fully functional.

The first time the lights stayed off for a very short time, maybe around thirty seconds. The next they stayed off for much longer, maybe ten minutes. Like I said, all other electrical appliances remained fully fuctional during this time so it was not a wiring fault.

Very little else happened over the rest of the night, except for that Abi had a realisation when she and I went up to the bathroom and found her mother's bedroom light switched on; all of the noises had come from the general area of her mother's room (the scream, we did not have a direction for, the banging - the foot of the staircase we thought it came from is right outside the door of her mother's room, Abi says the humming sounded very like it was coming from her mother's room.)

I was wondering if anyone could give me any help on what may have happened here.

I do not believe that this was Olive, the ghost we previously knew about as she has never done anything of the sort before. Could this be another haunting? Is it possible that somebody else has brought another spirit into the house?

I don't think this one is harmful as it did not actually cause anyone any physical harm but it obviously had the intent to scare - could anyone help?

Thanks a lot


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