What Lies in the Mirrors

8 months ago, I took a nice relaxing walk in the woods after I came home from school. I wanted to take my mind off of the stress and pressures that occur in the daily life of the average teen, but that day wasn't like any other. I found something.

I've been through these woods many times over the years, and not once have I noticed it... an old abandoned cabin.

Now I know how this sounds at the moment, but bare with me, okay? One thing I've learned from watching WAY too many horror movies is that you never inspect creepy looking stuff, but I had to! It's like... it wanted me to do something important.

I sound like a mental idiot right now, but you'll understand what I mean as you keep reading. I was hesitant at first, but I sensed no threat, so I entered the hallow cabin.

As I carefully examined the room, I noticed that there were vines everywhere.

The entire house was slowly being devoured by these warped plants, and I personally do not like vines, they just creep me out.

Sorry, I'm getting off topic here, but despite the unappealing eyesore of vines and fungi eating away at the old, rotten cabin, there seemed to be a few objects there that appeared to still be intact.

What really caught my attention was this old journal, it looked a bit raggedy, but I felt as though this is what the cabin wanted me to find, so I took it home with me; little did I know what power and secrets it posessed.

In all honesty, looking back on that day, I feel a bittersweet sensation in my heart. This book has given away so many secrets that no mere mortal has ever known about until now. These are my last hours before I am no more, and I want everyone to know the truth; the truth about reality.

I am the last person to ever possess this journal, and it will burn with these mirrors.

May 2, 1978 Journal Entry #1

Hi, I'm Henry Rickards and this is my journal.

The year is 1978 and I am 27 years old. I recently moved into this amazing Victoria themed house and while it is quite ravishing, the previous owners have left some belongings here.

The attic was boarded up, and my curiosity had gotten the best of me.

With the help of some old college mates, I got them to help me clear the way, and boy were we shocked at what we found up there! A f***ing room, full of mirrors! But get this, they were all painted black for some reason. That's some freaky stuff if you ask me.

My best bud Eddie had gotten a bad feeling from all this and totally chickened out. He said something in latin that I didn't really pick up on, but I'm guessing it was some kind of prayer? I don't know, but at the end, he said, "may god have mercy on your soul man." Then he left.

My two other friends Eric and Spencer shared glances and started laughing, mocking Eddie and calling him a spas. I laughed too, while feeling a bit uneasy on the inside. I felt like I just did something I shouldn't have. Maybe I should have left the attic alone... oh well, that's all for tonight, I should get some rest now.

May 3, 1978 Journal Entry #2

Last night, I had this really weird dream... Eddie was in it. He was praying over me then suddenly his head bent in a weird way. After that, everything went dark and I was by myself. I heard cries, pained cries for help, and I didn't know where they were coming from.

I heard children screaming bloody murder and the walls started bleeding. Then I woke ip to hear a loud crash from the attic.

Frightened, I grabbed my bat and slowly made my way out of my room and up the stairs to the attic to find one of the mirrors shattered out of the blue. I don't know whats going on here but it's freaking me out...

May 4, 1978 Journal Entry #3

Eddie came over yesterday afternoon.

I told him about the dream and the mirror, and you wouldn't believe the look of terror that came upon his face. He began to cry and fled the house, but I ran after him. I asked him what was wrong with my house and he told me to come with him, somewhere safe.

We went over to his rents house, and took me up to his old room that was now being used as an entertainment center. He got on the computer and explained everything to me. It turns out, there's this belief, that your reflection is not really what you think it is.

Some believe mirrors are portals to an alternate universe. Eddie believes that the dream and the mirror breaking was a warning for me to get the hell out of that house, but I just couldn't do it. All of my money was invested into that house.

May 5, 1978 Journal Entry #4

That night after I came back home from Eddies house, I had weird visions and even weirder dreams. I dreamt that in my attic lied an entity of some sort. It was dark, and it had a name, I didn't know what, but it spoke to me. It asked me to free it, but I told it no... then I woke up to hear heavy footsteps in the attic.

It almost sounded like an angry child stomping. I can't take this anymore.

May 6, 1978 Journal Entry #5

This morning, my girlfriend Yvette came over to see my new house, but she refused to come in... she just stared into space and told me I needed to get out of there now.

I told her my situation and she wouldn't accept that excuse. She told me that there is a sinister entity here and that it's growing stronger, and that it will posess and kill us all unless I leave. I asked, "her where do they live?" And she replied, "within the mirrors."

And with that, she forced me out of the house but for some reason, my skin felt like it was burning! I screamed and fought her. With fear in her eyes, she fled away from the house just like Eddie a few nights before. This house, there is nothing wrong with this house.

This afternoon, Eddie, Eric, Spencer and Yvette all came over to investigate my attic.

Although the mirrors were painted black, they saw footprints on some and finger prints on others. They asked if I had touched these mirrors and I swore I didn't. Yvette tried to clean the prints but... they seemed to be inside of the mirror...

May 10, 1978 Journal Entry #6

I feel like this house is mind f***ing me. Nothings happened for a couple of days but around 3:14 am, I heard someone banging against the mirrors, I heard screaming, I heard laughter... am I going crazy? The mirrors... they're calling to let them free... should I? Maybe I'm just hallucinating, I'm very tired so... I'm going to take a nap.

May 12, 1978 Entry #7

Eddie's dead. Yvette is sick, she's been puking blood for days now, so she's been hospitalised and Eric and Spencer are missing.

What the haha is happening?!

May 13, 1978 Entry #8

I had a dream last night. Eddie, he came to me. He said I had to stay away from Eric, Spencer and Yvette if I truly love and care about them... or else "they'll" take them too... who is they? My mind is so distorted I don't even know what's real anymore.

But, I've done some research, and they were right. There's things living in my mirrors. Trapped souls and spirits that shouldn't be there... my only conclusion is to burn this house down.

May 14, 1978 Entry #9

They...they got out. Yvette, she died 2 nights ago... Spencer was found in the woods in back of my house hacked to pieces and I'm a suspect.

The cops, they found a bloody axe under my bed, but I didn't do it... and Eric is still M.I.A. May 16, 1978 Entry #10 I burned down the house but the mirrors, they don't burn! I locked myself in the basement... they're coming...the demons.

If anyone is to find this journal, in any century, please get rid of the mirrors. Expose this reality to the blind. They're everywhere. They even hide in your mirrors. Mocking you all.

Don't trust what your eyes see, the images in the mirrors are illusions, when you realize it... your soul will already be theirs. We're all damned from the start! After you expose this truth, end your life, or else they'll come for you next. Goodbye.


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