What's in Grandma's House?

This is an event that happened a while back, in all honesty I've forgotten all about it, until my mom and grandma made it relevant again. I was only 3 years old at the time which is why that memory was canceled out I suppose.

I used to have night terrors all the time and I would hear people say my name even when everyone was asleep, I wasn't a normal toddler.

I rarely cried, I actually only cried when I wanted food, I was highly intelligent for my age. I spoke full sentences with big words(for a toddler they were big words.) I was very calm and quiet. Much different from my younger brother who cries all the time and constantly has to do things and whines a lot, and continues to do it at the age of 11.

I would see shadows and figures but I didn't thinj they would hurt me, now looking back on it all, I just think that house is haunted.

My mom and grandmother began to get very concerned for me and one day, I said something that really caught their attention.

I was watching Bob the Builder, sitting in my shiny yellow chair when suddenly I saw something on the porch.

My grandma was in the kitchen and my mom was sitting with me in the living room. I got up and walked towards it to get a closer look and my mom asked me, "where are you going?" I asked her, "do you see the dog? There's a black dog on the porch, he's been there for some time now."

She looked in the direction I was pointing and told me she didn't see anything. I told her, "it's right there, it's growling, and it's black with red eyes, what's it doing here?"

She pulled me away and closed the porch door, she hugged me tight and began speaking words from the bible. After that, things sort of went back to normal. Years later when I was about 10, I came home from school and a few hours later my grandma asked if I had a yellow balloon.

I looked at her confused and said no. She told me that around 2 in the afternoon, she was sitting in her room when suddenly a yellow balloon arose on the stairs. Her door was open so it was in plain sight.

She told me she called my name to see if I came home early but when she went to investigate, the house was empty and the balloom was gone.

She dismissed it as her mind playing tricks on her. Not long after that incident, I was downstairs watching TV by myself on a Friday night, it was late and everyone was asleep. I was sitting on the love sofa that was directly in front of the porch, a few feet away but still in front.

Suddenly, I heard scratching at the door and a whimper. I turned to the porch door but saw nothing, so I shrugged it off and continued with my show.

A few minutes later I was startled by the sudden music playing from this garfield antique lullaby box.

I know it doesn't sound very odd, but it hasn't worked for years, and you need to twist it up for it to work... I got freaked out so I ran upstairs to my mom's room and told her about what happened, she just laughed and mocked me saying, "it's probably the ghost. "

I got angry with her and stormed downstairs, I turned everything off and bolted up to my room. My mother, brother and I moved out when I turned 12, but my grandma stayed. The February after we moved, my mom had to go on a business retreat with her job so my brother stayed with his dad and I went back to my grandmas house.

I went to and from school from her house which was pretty convenient since my bus stop was only up the street. One day, I came home from school and I rushed to get in the bathroom. Nobody was home except for me.

So there I was in the bathroom, when suddenly... the closet door opened. The windows were closed so there's no way in hell that was a coincidence.

I thought to myself, "what the hell?" The door opened wider and I yelled, "I'm on the f***ing toilet! I don't have time for this!" Then the closet door slammed shut, I thought to myself, "oh hell no." I did what I had to do and ran out of that bathroom, I went downstairs and went around the corner to my cousins house until my grandma got home.

I haven't been over her house in about 2 years now.

I feel bad because I love my grandma but, there's something wrong with that house. It scares me... I used to go over there to type up reports and print them up, but I don't even drop by to do that anymore.

That house, it isn't right. Just last year, when I turned 16, my mom decided to tell me about the dog.

We were watching celebrity ghost stories and my brother and I were debating if whether or not the stories were real or not and if ghosts are real or not, and my mom decided to tell my ghost story.

She told me that not long after the dog sighting, she went to the church and asked the pastor about it, and he told her, "the black dog is satans gaurd dog, sent to earth to watch after the pure and innocent. This dog, is the spirit of destruction, death and evil."

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