Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes

So, second paranormal (?) thing that I could think of to type out. I've always had a thing for wind chimes. My grandma had several of them and always had them on the porch in the front, and on the back stoop.

I could hear them all the time when it was a sunny spring or summer day in Boston, and they opened the front and back doors to let the air through the house. As I grew up I wanted one of my own. But no where my mom and I lived after I moved to Florida, had a place for them. So I never bothered to buy myself one. 

An ex boyfriend of mine bought me one when he went on vacation with his family out of state. He lived in New York. He sent it to me for my birthday. Never telling me he'd gotten it for me. It is brass in appearance, coppery in colour.

There's thick and thin, solid and twisted metal that forms a ball at the top, in the middle which resides what looks like an oversized marble. Mother of pearl in colouring because it reflects pink, blue, green, when light goes through it.

There's one long black string that goes straight down through the chimes, which also holds onto three more marbles, then drops down, and ends in an over sized marble. Similar but smaller than the one inside the sphere of metal. 

The chimes themselves hang from what looks like a stretchy slinkie or spring. It's really nice, and it stayed in a box for a long time. Until fairly recently. Wanting to personalize my room more, I started hanging things on the walls.

My Super Junior poster (fan of kpop, i am.) My Tenchi Muyo poster, my handmade dream catcher my father made me, etc.

I was going to try to hang the wind chime outside but the building is made of stucco, as most are, and there was nothing for me to hang it ON.

I was disappointed, and rather than put it back in a box, I searched in my room for a place away from the fan, and the AC vent where it wouldn't be going off all the time, which would just be annoying, and found a ledge of sorts from the ceiling to hang it from a thumb tack. 

It looks really nice hanging there. About... maybe 2 weeks after I hung it up, my friend Kat who's sensative to paranormal goings on, had come over. I showed her the chime and she said it was really pretty.

She read me my tarot, which was interesting, and we talked about paranormal this and that. She said she could sense activity in the apartment, but nothing to worry about. It wasn't harmful or otherwise she'd tell me. I believed her, she had no reason to lie.

Day after she'd been over, I was sitting her at my computer. I do that a lot now a days being unemployed and looking for a job. I have a lot of time on my hands. I was just sitting, scrolling through craigs list, and I heard a faint ting.

It was enough to get me to look over. No one was at home but me. The window wasn't open because it was the middle of summer and hot as bawls outside. (sorry for that visual) I didn't think anything of it, and went back to the screen. Typing as I do now.

Then I heard it again. Just a soft ting, as if someone or something was touching the chime. I looked over again, my eyes fixed on the ball and it wasn't moving. I ignored it. 

I told Kat about it the next time she came over, and she mentioned maybe it was a spirit who also liked the chime cause it was pretty. I shrugged and thought maybe that was it, and we went back to watching the princess and the frog.

After she left, and my roommates came home, I was alone in my room, door closed because they were watching something on tv I didn't care to watch, and was typing to a friend of mine on Skype. And I heard the ting again.

The whole rooms feel changed. It was heavy, dark, and oppressive. I sat in my computer chair, and stared at the chime, as if daring it to do it again. It did! I nearly shat a brick house. Mustering up some courage, I got up from the chair, and turned my over head light on.

I walked over to the chime, half hoping it tinged again, half wondering how fast I could run out of the room if it did. I stood there for a minute or two, didn't do anything else. 

I remembered what Kat had said, and wondered if it would work. I touched the ball, and made it make a full chime noise. The whole room changed again. Right back to the way it was originally. Normal. Quiet.

I could hear my roommates laughing loudly at the tv program, and I arched a brow. I don't worry about the chime anymore. Anytime I feel that oppressive feeling, I get up and touch the chime to make noise and it stops. I can't make it do that when other people are in the room, so I can't prove it, but I don't have to prove it.

I know what I know. I know what I saw, what I felt, and what I heard. 

You? Whatever you want to believe is fine with me. My apologies btw if my entries are long. I tend to give a lot of details surrounding what happens because this isn't creepy pasta, I'm not trying to make you jump or make you have a hard time sleeping. I'm just telling you what's happened to me.

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