Yup I Think I Lost it

Yup I Think I Lost it

This story, well conclusion, is crazy I know it is but I need answers. I need to know I'm not crazy. I haven't told anyone this except ya'll because even though my friends believe in the paranormal I think they would send me to the crazy house for this.

So I told ya'll about the doppelganger "Seph".

I looked it up to see what it meant and well what I found wasn't really good news. It basically states that it's an evil spirit, maybe even a demon. If you see your doppelganger it means you are going to die, if a family member or friend see's your doppelganger to sum it up means your life is about to turn to S*it.

Well to refresh, I was upstairs one day a couple of weeks ago with my daughter. My boyfriend Seph was at work I had my eyes closed when my daughter screams "dada" and starts talking to someone.

I open my eyes to find my boyfriend standing by the couch, staring at me. But he was shirtless and in his green pj pants. Mind you my boyfriend is AT WORK! I blinked and he was gone. I didn't think anything of it just thought I was going crazy.

The next day I was down in the living room when again I saw "Seph" but this time in the kitchen staring at me.

This happened a couple more times in different places but all the time just staring at me. I don't see it anymore but the last time I saw it I got scared. The next day, Seph started acting gloomy and just weird so i asked him what was up.

After a long time of talking he breaks up with me. The next day he texts me from work and basically cusses me out and wants me to move out. I told him I had a place in CO but no way to get there.

That's the night he started going to the bar every night. He stops talking to me and such while he's here and it's just getting worse, than on our daughter's birthday he finds out (mind you this is a week after he started being a douche and drinking) that his aunt and his mom were in the hospital.

He was happy? These women are very important to him and he was happy not about them being in the hospital but just in general which confused the hell out of me.

The next day he started being a huge jerk again, last night I couldn't take it anymore and just blew up at him. I was tired of him being mean to his daughter and I but only being nice to us when he was drunk.

I understand he misses his family but come on, it's not our fault we do everything we can to please him ya know. You guys, the man who I talked to wasn't my Seph...his eyes were blank, he barely looked up from his phone. He didn't care about anything he just wanted to be alone.

Even his best friend is noticing this and it's starting to scare me! I've noticed other things different about him. Like he use to snore and talk in his sleep. Now he doesn't. Every time I go upstairs when he's asleep I feel like he's watching me.

I know this sounds crazy, TRUST ME, but I honestly think something is up. I mean I see his doppelganger than it stops coming around when he starts getting depressed and such and yeah (looks down in shame).

Am I going nuts or do ya'll think something is going on as well? I haven't brought this up to ANYONE.

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