From Islam to Christianity and from Judaism to Hinduism, the legend of demonic/supernatural entities that have s*xual intercourse with their victims can be found in several religious scriptures. In fact, there are historical and even present day accounts of encounters that people have had with succubus and incubus demons.  As expected, the modern scientific community dismisses these experiences simply because they cannot explain them. However, for individuals who have lived through these encounters, their experiences...
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The following is an extensive collection of common and un-common paranormal definitions. The following websites are credited for their assistance: 


Adjuration - When dealing with evil spirits, conjurers and exorcists used a formula which commanded the spirit to obey the conjurer or exorcist in the name of the Christian God. 
Afterlife - Life after our physical-body dies. 

Agathodemon - Worshiped by ancient-Egyptians, this benevolent-spirit had the body of a serpent and the head of a human. 

Agent - When one person communicates or attempts to communicate to another during an Extrasensory Perception or psychokinesis experiment or is the focus of spiritual-activity. 

Amorphous - Having no set shape or form; mist-like. 

Anomalous - Not of the normal. Deviating from what is usual or expected. 

Amulet - This object (charm) is used to protect its owner, ward off evil and possibly bring good-luck; They can found in many different shapes, sizes and colors. 

Angel- Said to be an immortal, spiritual-being, that in which acts as a messenger between Gods and those living; Superior to humans in power and intelligence Depicted as good or evil.

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The following list is an informative ghost hunting guide to help you with preparing your ghost-hunt, during your conduction and after you've finished your spirit search. If I think of anything else I'll be sure to update this list. 

Prior to Your Hunt:

Always ask permission when conducting a ghost-hunt on private property or areas open to the public only during the day. If you can't locate the owner, simply find another area to hunt, it's not worth getting caught and possibly paying a fine or jail-time. 

Be sure that all your equipment is functional and that battery-packs are fully charged and ready to go. However, spirits can and sometimes will interfere with electrical devices, causing them to improperly function, deplete the battery very quickly or the device may fail to work altogether for the time spent there. 

If possible bring equipment that require no batteries, such as a compass, or a old mercury-thermometer in the case that the electrical piece of equipment does stop working.  Always be sure to bring extra batteries and battery-packs just in the case that the batteries are depleted, this usually ends a ghost-hunt rather quickly. 

If you're hunting at night time, go scope out the area during the day, you don't want to just arrive at night in the dark and fall into a hole you're unaware of or trip over stuff, that wouldn't be any fun.  With the above bullet mentioned, always go with a group... never go alone, if something does happen who is going to help you? 

Don't wear any kind of scented fragrance, this could cause issues with other group members in thinking that they smell something out of the ordinary when in fact it's just your super-strong bouquet of roses perfume or cologne.  Bring some snacks if you plan on being at a location for awhile. Don't let hungry issues ruin your ghostly-search. 

Don't perform a search within an altered state of mind such as being drunk, high or something similar. You should perform a ghost-hunt professionally with the intention of communication and gathering proof, not partying and possibly angering the spirits that are there, if any. 

Get lots of sleep prior. Be sure that you have proper photo-identification in the case that authorities are called. 

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This is an informative guide on where you are more likely to find ghosts, generally the most common hot-spots to hunt for ghosts are places where there was a violent-history(where murders have taken place) or any other combination of violence that lead to the death of a person or multiple-deaths of more than one persons.

Great starting areas that are common in many places are battlefields or anyplace that a war has taken place, for example: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. You can find a lot of information online referencing Gettysburg as a big hot-spot for paranormal-activity. Listed below are other areas of common ghostly-activity. Be sure to ask for permission when hunting on private-property. 

Indian Burial Grounds - May be hard to come by in some areas, but if you have authorized access to one of these(or if it's in the woods somewhere), definitely give it a shot. I've heard many stories of mysterious paranormal activity happening at these areas(Though I've never been to any, yet). Remember be respectful and try to do your best not to disturb that in which dwells within. Oh, and take lots of pictures! 

Cemeteries - This is probably the most common place people search to find evidence of ghosts, demons, whatever else. The older the cemetery the better. It's probably in your best interest to look up the history on the cemetery you plan to hunt at first(if possible)and to ask permission from the owner if you plan on searching after hours.

Most cemeteries(if not all)have some sort of paranormal activity going on at some point, capturing anything paranormal usually is just a matter of patience in lots of cases, if you fail to capture anything paranormal the first time, don't be discouraged! try again at another date. 

Abandoned Coal Mines - These are normally great for ghost hunts. As many mines have records of many accidental-deaths. Many spirits still haunt these locations as I found out first hand. They may be thinking that what they're doing is just going about their day of work prior to their accident or maybe they know you're there and want to be mischievous.

Ask lots of questions records lots of video, EVP and take pictures. However, be very careful at a place like this, NEVER go under ground in an abandoned mine. Stay on the surface, be cautious of your surrounds and know where everyone else is on your team at all times! If it looks a bit too dangerous, go ghost hunt elsewhere. 

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Below you will find listed the various types of devices and gadgets used often when performing a ghost hunt, if you want to know how to hunt ghosts. Many experienced ghost hunters use some, if not all of these devices while searching for/trying to communicate with ghosts, spirits, demons, poltergeists, and etc.

Some pieces of ghost equipment are basic and require a low level of experience or just common-sense to use. There's no absolute right way to find or communicate with spirits. If they are around and want to make their presence felt, heard, sensed or seen they'll find a way to do it without any needed equipment most of the time.

However, sometimes you may need special-equipment to "capture" an apparition or to at least try to prove your point that you've just seen a ghost. I'll be adding to this list as time goes on.


Useful to tell time with, also good to log the time of your arrival and the time of departure.


OK, now batteries are the most important pieces of equipment you'll need to bring during your ghostly hunt. It's no fun getting equipment set up and ready to go just to find out your battery life is near depletion. Might as well call it a night then. Be sure if you're using battery-packs that they're fully-charged, bring a spare just in case. Bring extra batteries for cameras, flashlights, whatever else that requires AA or other types of batteries.

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All the material contained in this book is provided for educational and informational purposes only. No responsibility can be taken for any results or outcomes resulting from the use of this material. While every attempt has been made to provide information that is both accurate and effective, the author does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy or use/misuse of this information .


I’d like to thank two good friends for providing me with a bit of information to complete this E-book. Thanks greatly, Joe Tokish and Phil Carter! I’d also like to thank all of’s fans and followers because without all of you, I’d probably lack the motivation to go through with this helpful book. Thank you all!


At the early age of 12, I had already been blown away when I had witnessed my first paranormal-event. At a time when most, if not all boys are still learning about the world around them, I was granted the opportunity to witness the world beyond our own, first-hand. It’s a mystical, mysterious-place with methods that defy anything we know here on Earth; While I have no way of proving that or what I (and a handful of others) had seen that night, the memory of what was…will forever remain.

I wrote about this specific-experience if you care to give it a read, here:

With the above said, I’d like to acknowledge that, while all hauntings share similarities, no two hauntings are the same. Therefore, I cannot guarantee that the information provided within this book will rid your home of any unwanted entity for certain. However, I do guarantee that I provide every bit of information to my knowledge on the most common and best practiced methods that work for many others to rid their homes.

I hope that this book helps you with your haunting and you’re finally able to live your life free of any unwanted spirits!

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Sleep Paralysis and the Paranormal

If you’ve ever been affected by sleep paralysis, you’ll know it’s a frightening situation to be in. For those who aren’t sure what this phenomenon is, sleep paralysis is when you consciously wake up but are unable to move your body, just your eyes. Other symptoms might include feeling like someone is sitting on your chest, hearing sounds, or a rush of air blowing by you. Many have reported seeing shadowy figures, as well as...
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First I just want to say that I've never had such a dream before like the one I'm about to describe. Never. I haven't been stressed out at all either so I'm really baffled by how I could of had such a dream. There were several parts of my dream but I'll start with the part that lead to the "ghost." I remember someone telling me about a forest that was off limits and oddly...
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Honestly, I am just bored and decided to share a weird story of mine to see your feedback! I am 19 years old and I do not believe in ghosts, demons or anything related to the occult or paranormal...I am a very skeptic person that needs to see to believe. Some time ago...I believe 1 year ago I experienced an episode of sleep paralysis I did get quite shaken but nothing that serious. Woke up,...
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While this is something that, according to my mother, did happen to me, she was the one who experienced it. I was too young to remember it and, for a lack of better term, unconscious, so I only know the story from my mother and can only tell it in her words. A couple on notes, though, before I continue with this short story: my mother's family is extremely catholic religious, but she herself is...
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