The Ghost of my Great Grandma

Most of the spirits that have visited me were mostly in a human form like when I was six my Great Grandma visited me.

After she died, she would walk up to the TV when I was watching and she would turn up the volume all the way to 38.

The most interesting was when my pet dog came and visited me it was as if he was real and I could touch him but then all of the sudden he vanished into thin air he was gone. 

His name was Alyson but we all called him bubu.

He died when I was really little he got sick and he was very old. Also when I was eight, my great grandma would go to my little sisters room to straighten the blanket, she always hated the blankets being crooked it drove her nuts.

I found it kind of strange though. Although I have never been scared by the paranormal encounters I have had not all of them make since to me.

But I would like to know why they come and visit and what is there purpose to come that question has always been in my mind I would like an answer though I would be very helpful for me.

Anonymous Submission.


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