Shadow in the Light

Shadow in the Light

One night I was playing video games all night into the wee hours of the morning. Go figure, who does that? Not normally I but I was doing so well, and I could not stop because I was doing so well.

Disclaimer...I work very hard and I only play a few different games.

It's not my life! But on this night in particular...I was playing games and I had to go pee! Right? It happens to the best of us! But what I didn't realize at the time was that I was about to witness what a roommate of mine had professed happened in my house! 

My house is set up in a way that is hard to explain...Trust me here! I have never witnessed any actively on the first floor, happening on the first floor! But I have witnessed activity on the second floor from the first floor!

The second floor and banister leading up to the second floor seem to be the active paranormal activities!

For the first year I lived in this house I lived on the first floor. Working on the rooms on the second floor. I had a roommate that lived in one room on the second floor, being the smallest room at 13' by 11'. This is where he stayed and his dog as well full time...His girlfriend would stay at times as well! 

Anyway...I came home one night to my front door being locked! I banged on the door, cause in reality, I don't have a key. I never lock my door! But here it is, Dead-bolted!

After a minute AJ came and unlocked the door...To my surprise...Holding a twelve gauge shotgun! Whooah! I'm thinking my place just got robbed! Considering AJ was a bodybuilder at 21 years of age and 6' 2" built like a brick house!

So I ask him...what the hell his problem was! And that he needed to get his finger off the trigger of that shot gun. He was very relieved I was home and told me that I wasn't going to believe him. He continued to tell me of the door that would open on it's own...Multiple times after he had securely closed it!

The door to his bedroom! And how his dog would go ballistic just before it opened! (Personally I hated his dog... It was a cute puppy at four pounds... But grew to an intolerable 145 lbs! And was a wolf rot mix with a tail that repeat ably knocked wine glasses off the coffee table).

Anyway... He was telling me about his bedroom door that kept opening by itself...And if u knew my house you'd understand why it was impossible for that to happen. After the fourth time this happened he just left it open all the way and left the hallway light on.

Shortly thereafter the dog went ballistic and he saw a shadow walk past the door and he thought to himself that I was home... He looked out his window and realized I wasn't home and grabbed his shotgun! After securing the house and making sure nobody was in it.

He started locking doors! Hence me coming home to a locked front door. When I finally did make it home... This is what I was coming home too! After he had explained what was happening... I looked at him and told him to ask the house to stop. Which he didn't take me seriously for two weeks.

Eventually his heeded my suggestion, and the issue stopped! 

Now...It's just a story from a roommate... Right!? Until it can be substantiated. 

So back to my playing video games and having to pee! I put the game on pause walked out of my room, which at this point I was living in the master bedroom on the second floor... The light was on in my room.

I walked out of my room into the hallway turned the hallway towards the bathroom, turned the light on, and went pee! What a relief right!? He'll yeah it was... I really had to go! Exiting the bathroom.

I turned off the light and closed the door as to keep the cat out of the room. Without any light sour e behind me I looked up and saw on the other bedroom door... A shadow! a Featureless shadow like the light in my room had cast it on this door...Or a shadow that just was there when I exited the bathroom!

Either way... It wasn't, and couldn't possibly been my shadow! The only light source was coming from my room and I was at the other end of the hall. With two closed door and no light source behind me!

So I did what any guy that just released himself of internal pressure would have done! I moved towards it!

And it bolted down the hall! Oddly enough the shadow was only about 4 foot tall. I moved down the hall and toward the direction it went to find that the door at the top of the banister was opening and I saw the shadow moving down the wall on the banister.

It didn't scare me. It seemed to be in fear of me about getting caught! But here is the kicker! The door at the top of the stairs is on a screen door closer! And after the shadow passed through the door the door slowly closed by way of the pneumatic closer! This is evidence!

Not hearsay or maybe this or that! I installed that closer to keep the door closed during the winter for the purpose of conserving heat between floors and not allowing heat to rise away from The floor below and away from the thermostat! I did not open that door...and when I was in the bathroom nobody else could have opened it!

This shadow originally reported to me by AJ a year before had just presented itself to me, and opened a door that required serious effort to open!

This is evidence! Paranormal...meaning "beyond normal!". This was it! My heart was racing! I was excited that I could now for the first time witness what had been reported to me from a year earlier! I saw with my own two eyes why big ole AJ was distressed! I was home alone! And a shadow of a small being had presented itself!

The facts are this... The shadow could have been at my bedroom doorway and drown out the light and cast it's own shadow on the other door in the hall making it appear to be shorter than it truly was... Or ...The shadow was physically on the door and was short... Either way... It wasn't my shadow!

The door with the automatic closer had just been opened as I followed it hastily... And had just changed to automatically slowly closing mode as I followed it! And I saw the torso and head of the shadow moving down the banister. It did not scare me, but it did get my adrenaline rushing! 

I know for a fact that the original owners of my home both died in my home...The husband George D. Jenks died in 1926. And the wife died in 1950. I have no evidence of a child dying in the house. Or evidence of anyone being 4 foot tall that died in the house. Either way... It was cool! 

This holiday Christmas I had my family over... And my brother was standing at the bottom of the banister asking me who had just went upstairs. I looked at him and shook my head, and laughed and asked him why.

He told me that the door at the top of the banister had just opened by itself. I told him to go up and look to see if anybody was up there... Maybe wanting to come down, maybe his son, my nephew at two years old! He went up and checked the floor... Then checked the attic! Nobody was up there.

His wife then told me later that it was peculiar that when she came down the steps, she had thought someone like her son was behind her walking down the steps...

She could hear them behind her. When she looked... There was nobody there! And these two events had happened within an hour or so of each other! Meanwhile my brother that couldn't make the trip to my house was busting my moms balls about how my house was haunted!

And she was laughing about that as well as my brother... Whom is skeptical... Just reported the door at the top of the banister opening by itself! All I could do was laugh and shake my head! I know my house has it's own personality! It does what it wants! And it doesn't care who sees what! Hahahaha! 

These are a few personal experiences... There are more! I love my house! It's hard to get lonely when there are so many entities here! There is a intelligent haunt here! Not just residual hauntings! But this intelligent haunt tries not to get caught! It's been caught a few times!

The question for me is why? Why haunt a place if u don't want to be known!? What's the motivation!? What is the haunts purpose for being here and not wanting to get caught? I'm totally cool with the idea of roommates! Hahaha! Although rent money would be nice! Hahhahaha! Aj moved out two years ago! But I know I'm not alone here!

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