With the belief in the paranormal, ever growing it would seem fit that there are groups/teams out there keeping paranormal investigators inline.

Since there is no set in stone methods, and the methods vary with each team, I feel that it is only prudent that such organizations exist to weed out those in the field of paranormal that do not have the best interest of their clients in heart, be they seek to profit, gain fame, etc.

When a client contacts a team to have an investigation done, the client is inviting that team into there home or business, into the place that the client holds dear to their hearts. 

Professionalism, compassion, knowledge, understanding, and the willingness to help those in need are the traits of a good team. As the team, its self is under the microscope the team leader is even to a greater degree. 

As the leader of a team, you have to uphold all of the standards that were set by the team. Because how could you expect your teammates to follow them if you do not your self. 

Lead by example, teach from the heart, and know from the mind. In closing, I know that no one is perfect and that there are times when it would be easier to give into the small tiny little voice that says no one is watching.

Especially when you have investigated for hours and come up with nothing, times like these I remind myself, “If it was easy they would not call it life".

Anonymous submission.


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