Radio Station Ghost

Radio Station Ghost

In 1987-88, I worked at a small radio station in Lebanon, TN. WCOR-AM 900, a little 500 watt "powerhouse" on the edge of town, had been on the air since 1947 or so. That was the earliest telegram I had found in the archives. I was, at various times, the morning guy, afternoon, evening drive-time, and late night close-up-the-station guy. I was also the Chief Engineer because I was the only person that knew how to solder. The building was in two sections; a new two story section where the studio, transmitter, offices, and all that stuff lived, and a squat, one story section where the old studios were. It was essentially abandoned. No lights, no furniture...

Anyways, one evening I was alone at the station, playing full albums to piss off the GM (General Manager) and generally being lazy. I heard someone walking up the stairs. This was odd, since it was about 10:30 at night, and the only person supposed to be there was me. I went to the front and checked for a car, but mine was the only one there. I called up the stairs, but no one answered. I went up the stairs, but just as I got almost to the top, I caught a severe case of the (willies, heebie-jeebies, severe wussing out syndrome), and ran back to the DJ booth.

The record was almost over, so I went through the motions, changed the song, and sat back again. Then I heard the tromp-tromp-tromp of someone coming back down the stairs. Then I heard tromp-tromp-tromp that person coming up the hall towards the booth. I reached around and grabbed a mop handle. As I sat there, the tromp-tromping came through the door, up beside me, around behind me, and out through the door to the transmitter room. I followed this with my head and eyes, and no one was attached to the tromp-tromp-tromp.

Well, as you can imagine, I squealed like a little girl. After this, the spook would come tromping around the radio station at night, but only when I was alone. He'd sometimes stand right in front of the mixing board and watch me do my show. Finally, I looked up one time and said, "Ok, if you're going to hang around, at least let me see you." Well, that was a mistake. The room became unbearably cold, and the air in front of me began to warp like a heat mirage. I squealed again and hollered, "Nevermind! No NO no no! Just go away!!!" The spook tromped off back to the old part of the building.

Later that week, I almost jumped over the GM's desk telling him to move me to an earlier time slot. Everything worked out well, and I moved to the shift before the one late at night. I trained the new guy and let him run the shift by himself for a couple or three weeks. Of course, I never told him about the spook.

After letting him alone, I stayed after my shift to chitty-chat with him about his shift. As we talked, I asked him if anything strange happened during his shift and he replied, "Oh yeah, there's a spirit that comes around at night". I almost crapped my pants right there. This kid was a bit insanely religious, and kept calling this spook a demon. While we were talking, the spook tromp-tromp-tromped up the hall into the production room and was looking over my shoulder through the glass. The room got chilly, and I was not happy about it. The kid said, "Just rebuke him in Jesus' name." Well, I'd never thought to do that, so I turned around, looked at the window and said, "Jesus says to get the f*** outta here." The spook tromped back to the old section and left us alone for the night.

I quit working there not too long after that.

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