Getting Rid of Unwanted Spirits from your Home

Getting Rid of Unwanted Spirits from your Home

This is a very long article but well worth the read for it will EMPOWER you. This article will explain what spirits are, which spirits are harmful to us, why some attach themselves and how to properly get rid of them. Enjoy, and please don't hesitate to leave me your thoughts.

First and foremost, let me do a disclaimer by saying I am in no way, shape or form an “expert” or a demonologist. Therefore, these words I write before you are simply my own personal views and my own intuition and some I drew upon after my own personal experience with spirits; so with that being said please read this with an open mind.

If what I say within this article resonate within you as truth, then great; I was able to help someone gain some sort of understanding or insight about this subject matter.

However, if what I say is contradictory to what you believe to be as your personal truth, then that is OK too, all I ask is that you respect my understanding of my own personal truths as I have respected everyone else’s and will continue to do so.

I am not here to reform or convince anyone of anything. I’m simply here sharing my awareness and knowingness of certain topics to my peers, nothing more and nothing less.

So, with all that being said, let’s continue with my subject matter...

How to get Rid of Unwanted Spirits in Your House: 

I felt the need to write this article after emailing back and forth to someone who has been experiencing some sort of torment by a spirit or spirits in his home. He was dumbfounded and perplexed about the whole situation as he continued on to explain that he felt he had done all the right things.

He contacted a paranormal group that has their own television show, (I didn't feel the need to mention the show on here), which in turn referred him a couple of experts in the field.

Not only were they experts in the field, one was a reverend and the other a medium, which so happens to be the Reverend’s wife.

The person being tormented gave me permission to use his first name (Tim), after I mentioned I was inspired to write something about this topic after hearing his hardship in dealing with this.

Tim said he found some EVPs (an electronic voice phenomenon) which is a disembodied voice that spirits leave imprinted on any recordable device that can be played back such as with a digital voice recorder (this link opens in a new window).

We may not always hear spirits voices if it is registered at a different frequency then the frequencies that our ears are accustomed to; Whereas recordable devices such as digital voice recorders or camcorders or any such devices, for that matter, may pick them up easily.

Anyways, Tim found some disturbing EVPs on his digital recorder after setting the recorder to record one evening to try to figure out what was making noises that he and his family had been hearing during the night.

Tim, has not only been experiencing disturbances but also found scratches on the side of his body (Three scratches, two of which crisscrossed each other).

In the Paranormal field, this is known as Poltergeist activity. Poltergeist are when spirits are able to manifest itself in such a way that it can move objects, rappings (knocking) and touching people physically enough to leave scars if they so desires to.

Typically, people associate poltergeist activities to bad or ornery spirits. At times, when these activities cause harm, like scratches or items being broken or disturbed in such a way that it causes uneasiness to the person it’s generating its energy towards to, then we tend to lean towards believing it may be more malevolent in nature.

When I say, malevolent in nature, I mean to say this entity may not have the highest positive intentions or vibration. I mean this entity has very low vibrations and possibly very dark intentions.

For the sake of this article, its meaning will be strictly: “Not of the Light”. It’s neither a relative nor someone that died in a dramatic way that may be lost or confused and wants to find their killer so that they may rest in peace.

No, this entity is none of those, but simply a dark force that feeds off either our negative vibration or our negative environment where we may be living in or be present at.

After Tim discovered the EVPs and after being scratched, he called the Reverend and his wife. For the sake of this article we’ll name the reverend, Rev. John and the medium, Jane, OK? OK...

So, I asked Tim, what happened next, he proceeded to say, that Rev. John performed a cleansing and a prayer over him and that he supplied Tim with holy water and told him not to acknowledge the entity, but to command in Jesus’ name for it to leave.

Pretty simple procedure and it seemed to have worked; this was a year ago. Recently, according to Tim, the activities started up again and this time with a vengeance! Poor guy! He and I have been exchanging emails back and forth as I continue to tell him my understanding of the spirit world and how he should combat this.

He was amazed and astonished of the wealth of information I provided him and how I was putting things into simple terms, so that it made sense.

But most importantly, he said he was grateful that I cared enough to share this information with him. Of course I care, and I’m glad I came across his site when I did and was able to share what I know and in time for him to use it. The universe works wonderfully that way! Now back to the article…

Unfortunately, I have heard this same scenario many times before from other people that had issues with spirits haunting them or their homes or establishments and having a preacher, Reverend, Father, or a paranormal-spiritualist perform a “Cleansing” of their home or establishment, and leaving the family with a bottle of holy water and simple instructions while wishing them all the best, as they go on merrily back to their own homes, thinking all is well. The sad thing is, they all think they did a wonderful service.

Mind you, I am not saying cleansing doesn't work; it does, because I do it! It’s their method that has me baffled! They all have the greatest intentions and they all are doing it for all the right reasons, just that they are all doing it wrong!

And worse, they are cleansing the homes themselves as if they have the power to do so! That’s their first mistake.

They shouldn't be taken on that responsibly upon themselves, they should "Empower" the owners to do it and help them do it.

I'll explain. Our home is our domain and no one else's, unless of course, you have a spirit that claimed a stake at that home prior to you moving in.

Sometimes they “hitch” rides from you without your consent and you unknowingly bring them home. In the meantime, they make themselves "at home" at your residence and stake a claim to it.

Yes, they are known to do that! I particularly have to be careful with spirits following me home, due to the fact I investigate homes and places with active spirits. They are particular attracted to those that are sensitive to their presence.

Some are positive entities while others, not so much. Regardless we need to protect ourselves each time we leave our homes, especially if we are in the presence of active spirits or are engaging communication as I do when I go on my paranormal investigations.

Also, anyone working in hospitals or nursing homes need to be careful since there are so many deaths that happen there. There are many types of rituals that people use when trying to get rid of unwanted spirits, especially those meaning harm to the residents living in the homes.

I am not here to dispute or validate methods or state one is better than any other.

NO, this has nothing to do with rituals nor religion! This is all about intentions! So here is the first mistake that many so called well intended individuals do;

  • They take over the cleansing process and thus take the power away from the victim keeping him/her feeling useless just as this entity has been doing. The person felt HELPLESS, therefore he asked for help and still pretty much feels helpless and powerless after the process, although they are very grateful, they are still POWERLESS since no one gave them any understanding of what just happened or the INTENTIONS behind what they did, or how to PREVENT it from happening again.

Is this making sense to anyone? So, again, if a person or group comes and does the cleansing processes and cleanses the house themselves for the person in need and even though they have all the right intentions and the entity stops its activities, they still leave the person that needed help, still feeling powerless; Powerless to regain control of his own situation and powerless to make this entity go away himself.

See where I am going with this? (no POWER and feeling LESS then!) In other word, POWERLESS! My goal is to EMPOWER the person I’m trying to help!

First, I explain what a spirit is, then I'll go on to explain types of spirits, then, I'll go on to explain what powers a spirit has or doesn’t have.

So, let's start with what a spirit is:

  • It is not human; once we die we cease to be human (a physical form of existence). We become a sentient being in energy form. There are many forms of energy; to call ourselves just energy would be missing the whole point of our existence. So, we are referred to as spirit sentient beings, (Or conscious beings) since we are no longer in physical form.
  • There are many types of spirits in our universe as there are types on species on earth. There are good and there are bad spirits, some nicer than others and some not so nice. There are different levels of existence in the spirit realm too.
  • Just as we humans have different level of society and privileges, they do to. There are spirits that existed as a human at one time or another and there are spirits of the higher realms like angels, and saints, and so forth.
  • There is different hierarchy of their existence as well. All having different abilities at different levels, the higher the vibration, the brighter their light becomes, as they go on to experience different densities.

Ok, enough about that. (Another article perhaps) I mentioned good and bad spirits, (certain religions have different viewpoints on how some of the “BAD” spirits came to be, some may be true and some not, who knows, but that’s beside the point) I am not here to dispute anything, however, we all know they exist.

Whether through our own experiences or that of someone else’s, we all can agree to agree on their existence, regardless of where they came from.

The spirits have POWER in their own domain. Now, if they are of low vibration and of a lower class of existence, then they may be under the influence of a more domineering entity with higher power, even if it is of the dark force, in other words “Entity that is not of the light".

Regardless, they have power and if we happen to give them power over our domain they can bring havoc upon us! That is when we see spirits scratchingmoving items, or taking claim of a space that has not been claimed by us already.

Sometimes it is a physical place and sometimes it’s a physical person. Once we claim something they are Powerless and cannot do anything.

Remember they need permission to do anything in our physical world and not saying anything at all or giving into helplessness is like giving them permission! OK, now that we established what spirits are and what power they may have or may not have we can continue…sorry for reiterating, I want to make sure you understand the dynamics here.

Otherwise, you would only be following steps and procedure without really understanding why you are performing them the way you need to, thus losing the whole power of intention concept here, because you're only going through the motions and not truly understanding the impact of what you’re actually doing.

So bear with me...the next step is to figure out what exactly the person in need, needs.

Right now, I will use Tim as an example. Tim wants this entity to LEAVE and never to return, No, if and or buts!

After talking to Tim about his situation, I have determined that this is an entity that is not of the light. Tim, the Rev. John and Jane, seems to think it is attached to him personally rather than to the property.

Since I am not there to ask the spirit personally, I will take their word for it. I would suggest having possibly one or two other people to help him with the cleansing.

Even if they all can’t be there the whole time, one of them has to be, even if they rotate their time! If I were the one helping Tim, I would try to find out if there was a portal in the home where the spirit is coming through and try to close it before the actual cleansing starts.

I would also try to determine the type of entity that is there, so that way, we all know what we are dealing with. I would try to figure how DARK the entity is and how strong its intentions are, and if it feels entitled or not.

The entity will have no problem saying why he is there (to take over or to get rid of or whatever). If it’s a lower class entity, influenced under a darker force, then it will lie to us. And of course, there are those that are lost spirits.

In this particular case, since we know it’s a darker force, we will combat it as such, and a simple cleansing such as the one Tim had a year ago may not do, this time.

Those usually only works on lost spirits...not spirits staking claim like this one is! If a dark entity is attached to the property and has been there for years, then there is no need to stay and fight, my suggestion is to move, unless it is attached to the person as it is the case with Tim.

Since Tim doesn't have the luxury of getting up and leaving his home, and since we established the entity is attached to him, leaving won’t help him much, even if he could leave and move elsewhere, the entity will follow him.

In this case Tim needs to engage in re-staking his claim of his body and his home! I told Tim he has to be careful, he can’t just have anyone come in and demand the entity to leave then throw holy water around and then leave.

They could possibly anger the entity. By doing so, you're letting the entity know that you’re trying to get rid of it OR he can be sitting back and laughing his spirit butt off since having someone come in trying to claim a space that is not their own and walking away does nothing if the person being tormented is not claiming it himself, then the whole cleansing attempt was a waste of time.

Whomever Tim chooses to cleanse his house must stay and FIGHT with him! I told Tim it’s like a war.

You don't go into a country and provoke the enemy of that country (terrorist or whomever) by sending troops in and claiming a territory back for its people by saying “In the name of the people, we demand peace and we demand that you leave now!” And then withdraw our troops and leave the country thinking that the gorillas and extremists are going to say, "Oh ok, since you said so, we'll stop. We’ll retreat and leave this territory".

No, what will happen is that they will retaliate against the people to teach us lessons not to interfere. We have to stay and fight the radicals and the extremist and even if we have to bring down the government of that country (if that is where the corruption starts at).

It’s the same concept here! If there is a portal or if this entity is not of the light or has a stake in this location or worse, him, then Tim needs to have his reverend, or whomever he chooses to stay and help him, battle this war relentlessly until they win!

Because, whatever this is, is certainly torturing Tim relentlessly without cease, and is not going to leave easily.

So to come into a situation and simply bless a house and demand action, then leave not knowing if the entity got angered is not a good idea! Whomever Tim chooses to help him with the cleansing must spend more than a day there and help fight it. (If it comes to that.)

I told Tim to think of a hostage scenario...

Think of a psycho in a home holding a child at gun point and torturing this child. And a negotiator outside that home pleading with the psycho for the release of that child.

The negotiator listens to this psycho’s demands and hears first hand that he means business and knows that this psycho may "lose it" at any time and possible hurt this child.

The negotiator continues to plead to him and demands he let the child go and before things get ugly, (you get the idea). At any point does the negotiator or the police or whomever leave that particular property and say “We'll continue this tomorrow” or “next week” or whatever, telling the parents of the child, hopefully he heard our demands and maybe he'll let the child go unharmed? NO!

They stay, even if it's it takes days! They will never leave until they have apprehended that psycho maniac, remove him from the property and bring that child to safety.

We should not treat these malicious SPIRITS any differently! The entity has Tim and his family held hostage. I asked him to sit with his reverend, and plead with him to take a few days and stay at his location to fight this thing. (At this point, he can have anyone so long Tim is not battling alone).

Of course, once it is determined that it's the location and there is NO way of extracting it, then for the LOVE OF GOD, he'll need to move to a new location to keep his family and himself from any more harm!

I was hoping that these analogies would help him understand how to combat this entity! I told him, instead of using tear gas and guns use “GOD's POWER” as his arsenal.

To tell it, how much GOD LOVES "HIM" and his "FAMILY" and there is no way that the angels in heaven will give him up easily without a fight! I also said to believe every word of it.

In the meantime, I told him to bring forth all of GOD's ANGELS and POWER and FIGHT! This entity sees his every weakness, and that is why he broke though and returned after the cleansing of last year.

Perhaps the portal was closed for a short time, and he broke through it and/or maybe he sees something in him that he is feeding off of, like resentment of some kind, I mean there is so many ways and things and emotions that the spirit feeds off of. (Certain music played, certain temperament in people, resentments, an angry environment, etc.,)

I told him to look at everything, to look deep inside himself and his environment and send in GOD’S ARSENAL with all he got to that specific "gateway", whether it is through a person's attitude or an actual physical portal in a location.

There is an entry point and believe me when I say there is an entry point that the entity is using when they continue to come through.

I am no demonologist, but I have rebuked some dark entities that have come to me throughout my life. I never feared it. There was this one time back in the late 80’s that an entity showed himself not only to me but also my room-mate at the exact same time. It was standing in the middle of the living room.

We were entering the living room from two difference entrances, where we both noticed it standing there, staring at us. Till this day, she doesn't like talking about what she saw without shivering in fear. (Now mind you, I was scared too, it was not human in nature at all from what I recall, perhaps not even of this world, who knows; it just stood there, staring! It was more like a hologram.)

As my roommate screamed with fear, my instinct kicked in! As I stood my ground, I yelled out to my roommate to kneel down as I rebuke it in the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit and commanded it to leave! And "Poof", it was gone! My roommate however was paralyzed with fear, which is what they feed off of.

So if I had not been there, who knows what that poor girl would have experienced! We both saw the same thing at the same time, yet we both walked away with different experiences from it, she feared it, while I empowered myself by rebuking it.

As long as someone feels like a victim or feels helpless, the entities will continue to return to torment them, (think of terrorists, and how they use this type of fear to try to control people and countries, for that matter.)

So, think of it as a WAR that must be WON. Also, before telling you all about the cleansing procedure, here is a little known fact that I also shared with Tim.

I am going to copy and paste what I wrote him to save time. Here is a little known fact that may serve you well as you combat this: Our thoughts are a form of EMOTION which we transform into words or action.

Emotion is of a form or energy that is constantly moving. In other words, E-MOTION = (energy in motion) get it? So that is why we should ALWAYS have good positive thoughts, for those thoughts move faster than light!

This is why when someone says, "OMG I think I'm going to fall", and a moment later she falls, it's because the "thought" of falling is a form of emotion, which instantly generated that energy into motion, causing her thought to manifest into reality. Then, she wonders why she fell, or says, "See, I knew it!"

I tried to explain it in its simplest form for your understanding. Yes, we create and move anything we want. It's only when we generate enough ENERGY behind that thought that it will manifest itself for it to happen.

(Not that I ever moved anything with my mind), but we can certainly manifest things to happen in our physical world, for I have many times!) Most people don't understand this concept. Some people call it law of attraction, unfortunately we as humans tend to want to SEE, FEEL, or HEAR it before we believe it.

Not realizing if you THINK it, it will happen! There are those who has conquered this concept, most Asian countries understand the power of thought, that is why they can do astonishing things like walk on fire or break through cinder blocks with a single blow!

(THOUGHT!  they see the cinder-block break with a single blow using their fist, they see their fist as iron and thus they change their reality and BREAK THAT CINDER BLOCK VERSES THAT CINDER BLOCK BREAKING their FISTS) - It's a simplistic way of talking about their art, it takes years to conquer that kind of state of mind, but you get the general idea.

In the spirit world, the spirit has no physical body, (I know this for I once saw and felt myself as a spirit when I was 16, it was like a near death experience).

Anyways, since the spirit has no physical body, it quickly realizes that all it is, is THOUGHT! That’s it! And the purer the thought, the brighter it is (the higher the positive vibrations are, the brighter its light).

The lower the vibration, the lower the light, thus at times having no light (perhaps which is why we see shadow people). I'm sure you all have heard someone at one time or another encountering a shadow person and stating that either before or after that sighting that it was accompanied by a really bad feeling *low vibrations* that made them feel uneasy or gave them a “sick” feeling of something bad around them!

They can also hear your thoughts, and they can certainly see your visualization of the love and light filling the rooms too as you cleanse (since what you're thinking is thought and thought is emotion and since emotion is Energy, then that emotion is certainly in motion).

Gosh, I hope all this makes sense to you! So make sure when you say you're filling up the space with love and light, that you VISUALIZE IT, and most importantly, that you BELIEVE it!

They know your thoughts and they’ll know that you don’t believe in what you’re saying or doing. Therefore, they will know without a shadow of a doubt there isn’t really any love or light or protection there!

So keep that in MIND! You may be able to fool a human person, but you will NEVER FOOL A SPIRIT!

HERE IS THE PROCEDURE! (FINALLY) sorry, it took so long to get here, I just needed you to UNDERSTAND the importance of the CONCEPT of CLEANSING and CLAIMING your SPACE back!

House Cleansing and Spirit Removal:

  • Start from the farthest part of the basement. Start at a corner and make a sign, a sign of the cross or whatever signs that empowers you.

Also use some sort of physical element like Holy water, white candle or anything you can physically see and feel that has mystical properties.

I personally use Holy water and Sage - you can light it up and blow out the flames and use the smoke that comes from it (this is called Smudging) to make the sign of the cross. This is an excellent start.

Did you know that the herb, sage is known to have mystical-properties? "Smudging" is the practice of burning specific herbs and plants to bring about change and cleansing in a space or even within a person.

Smudging is often a goto, first-step for many paranormal-investigators when ridding an area of any unwanted paranormal activity.

Use the following link to get your Sage/Smudging Home Cleansing and Blessing kit on Amazon at 36% off the list price.

Easy to use, effective and great for beginners.(link opens in a new window/tab).

You can do it in the name of your higher power, whomever that may be, and then make sure you say “I reclaim this space, in the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit,” (Or whatever you deem proper for your belief system, so long as it is of the highest love!).

As I'm sage'ing, I personally say, “In the name of the father, his son and the Holy Spirit, I reclaim this space, I fill it with LOVE and with the LIGHT of GOD, and anything that is not of that LIGHT cannot be in this space!” (and VISUALIZE IT).

Go on to the next corner and repeat this process, and the next corner and the next one until you had covered all the corners of the room.

Then each closet in that room and its corners! And then stand in the middle of the room, and imagine PURE WHITE LIGHT filling up the room, and continue to sprinkle Holy water while sage’ing the room and saying “I AM CLAIMING THIS SPACE AND I FILL THIS ROOM WITH LOVE AND LIGHT AND THERE IS NO ROOM FOR YOU HERE, I COMMAND YOU TO LEAVE THIS ROOM.

Then go to the doorway and seal the doorway into that particular room and say it again and this time end it with “I seal this room and you cannot re-enter!”

Then continue on and repeat this procedure, while imagining the LOVE and THE LIGHT actually filling it up! For our thoughts are ENERGY! Remember, VISUALIZE the room filling up and VISUALIZE the protection and VISUALIZE the seal at each doorway.

Do this for each room, hallway, closest, etc. and in the basement until you reach the main level. Then go upstairs and repeat the process in each and every room, closet and bathrooms, sealing each doorway as you exit each room, then do the hallway leading to the steps downstairs, (and if you have an attic do that too!)

Do the stairways down to the main floor, then do all the rooms on the main floor until you are at the main room where the front door is.

OK, now the only room at this time that has not been cleansed should be the main room where the front door is.

At this time, your Reverend or friends or whomever you chose to help you cleanse and battle this thing, need to cleanse you and or any family members saying the words, “WE are claiming this BODY, SOUL AND MIND BACK, it belongs to GOD, it’s PROTECTED by GOD, this BODY, MIND AND SOUL belongs to (Whomever the person is) in this situation, Tim, and we demand you exit his body! You’re not to bring harm to his body.”

(REMEMBER TO COMMAND IT to leave, DO NOT DEMAND it, you must COMMAND IT in the name of your HIGHER POWER!) demanding is another form of begging it to leave!

You're not begging nor pleading, your commanding! Then Tim needs to repeat these words, in his own words to reclaim his BODY, MIND and SOUL back! It’s his body, and this entity has NO RIGHT TO IT! And if he needs to say any prayer he deems powerful, then repeat it!

VISUALIZE GOD’s LOVE AND LIGHT coming down from the universe and covering him from head to toe, shielding him and protecting him, then continue by saying if they’re not of the LOVE AND LIGHT, then they cannot be within this space called my BODY! Only my own MIND, SOUL and GOD’s SPIRIT can reside here!

I command you to exit! Only that person, in this case Tim, has the POWER to Command it! It’s his body! Then depending on how the person feels, keep repeating the process while anointing with oil, holy water or sage or all three, until the person feels ok, light and free.

Only he/she will know how they feel, then afterwards, cleanse that room, starting from the furthest corners away from the door and work your way to the middle of the room, filling the room with love and light like you did for the rest of the house and reclaiming that space...forcing that entity to the doorway while you command it to leave in the name of your God and with all the love there is and seal the doorway so it cannot re-enter.

(Have the people who helped with the cleansing, cleanse themselves to make sure it didn't attach to them before exiting the entity out! Then have them spend the night, in case the entity is still there, because if it didn't work, you just done really angered this entity!

(Remember, if there is a portal in the home that you didn't know about, they can re-enter or if this entity is really strong then you may have to repeat this process over again). It all depends on how strong this entity is, and how determined it is to stay.

If you CAN'T VISUALIZE the love and light is real in that home, he won’t go, he can read your mind and know if you believe or not). It could get pretty ugly, this is war! You all have to stick with it until you get rid of it! And a quick 1, 2, 3, cleansing will not work!

And if it refuses, then you may need a medium there to try to find out where the portal is and focus on closing that portal, then re-cleanse the house until you reach that front door and you know for sure it’s gone!

After you have accomplished all this, and the entity is gone, be sure to change your thought process! There is a reason why it attached itself to you, keep your thoughts clean and pure and filled with good intentions!

The moment you get angry, resentful or any or those negative emotions, you are opening a gateway and sending an invitation for them to feed off you again! Negative emotions, anger and all those resentments people carry are full of energy, which these entities feed off of and are attracted to.

So think of it this way, the more positive thoughts you have the more you manifest good things in your life, the less likely you'll have a malevolent spirit getting attached to you. The more love and light you surround yourself with, the more protected you'll be.

They only go after those that are not protected! Hope this help shed some light about cleansing and getting rid of spirits. Once people understand the dynamics behind it; like what causes a spirit to stay, what causes the spirit to leave, what types of spirits they may be dealing with, and how to set the right intentions, then the cleansing will be successful!

Done with the right INTENTIONS and done with re-enforcement and DONE while making sure the victim feels EMPOWERED and not feeling helpless, is how this war is WON! LOVE and LIGHT!

Article Credit: Norma Forteza.


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