The Old House

The Old House

I grew up in this house that looked pretty scary. My first experience was when I was 15 yrs old. I have heard my family talking about stuff that happened when they lived there.

I had my best friend spend the night with me. She went to sleep around 2 a.m. She had woke up to something telling her not to go to sleep then she ran to my room screaming.

She said what she heard, so I went with her to the room and stayed in there with her we had the closet door shut.

It started to open by itself...really, that's not what scared was the sound that was coming out of it. We ran out of the room and she never spent the night again.

Found out the man that built the house had died within. I moved back to the house about 15 years later with my husband and other family members. The first week we were cleaning the house and remodeling. 

My husband never believed me about the stories of the house; Until one night I was working the 3rd shift and he was home alone.

He told me that he thought I was home and what he thought was me getting in bed with him. He had turned and to put his arm around me but there was nothing there.

He jumped up out of bed to no one there but what got him was there was an impression that someone was sitting there and as he looked, it was like someone had got up off the bed. When I had got home with mom, we were all sitting in the living room talking about how my 17 year old sister had snuck out of the house.

My husband interrupted and said she's home with her friend. We told him no, they're not here. To show him, we went to the there room and there was no one there.

He was freaking out. He had heard girls whispering in the room and laughter. We had this little dog that one night we heard him yelping.

I came out and told him to stop. He just kept looking in the dark living room...he would not go in there. I went in there to show him that nothing was in there. Even after that, he would not go in there unless we were with him. Growing up in that house had its scary moments and there are plenty of them.

Anonymous Submission.


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